Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles According to Wedding Theme and Season
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Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles According to Wedding Theme and Season

For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. It has to be perfect; from the choice of carpet, to the last button of her wedding gown. Some women even have their dream weddings already planned as early as their teenage years.There are millions of choices and decisions to make in order to have a successful wedding day; and, believe it or not, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is one of them. You’ve picked the wedding gown, listened to your choice of wedding band, and confirmed the menu. Now it’s time to face the hundreds of different wedding hairstyles to choose from—this can be pretty overwhelming but, don’t you worry, here’s a list of some classic wedding hairstyles to choose from.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Elegant Up-Do
Hairstyle 1: The Elegant Up-Do
This is the perfect hairstyle for a formal indoor wedding. If you have long locks that can easily be styled on top of your head, go for an elegant up-do. This is the most popular among all the other wedding hairstyles because it goes with tradition and can go well with almost any kind of wedding veil. One of the common up-dos is applying some hair volumizer at the back part of the head so it gives an additional illusion of height to the bride. You can ask your hairstylist to do a bunch of twists or braids at the back to add a little more kick to your ‘do.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Simple Bun
Hairstyle 2: The Simple Bun
If you want your face to be the main focal point of your guests (and your groom!) this is the perfect hairstyle to go for. With a simple bun, your hair still looks elegant and sophisticated but not too flashy that it will take all the attention away from your blooming face. In addition to that, if you have short hair, you can easily trick your guests into thinking that you’ve grown it longer—there are fake hair buns in the market which your stylist can get her hands on! This is a great look for summer weddings; it makes the bride look fresh despite the heat.
Hairstyle 3: The Carefree Waves
For a more relaxed vibe during the wedding, you can opt for a wavy hairdo. This goes well with long, cascading locks. Big waves are the trend nowadays as it adds volume to the hair and makes thin hair look thicker and richer. If you’re worried that your hair is too short to pull off this look, you can get hair extensions at salons—no one will even know it’s not your real hair!

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Side Swept
Hairstyle 4: The Side Swept
Here’s an edgy version of the usual hairdo—all of your hair swept over one side of your shoulder. You can add some waves and curls to add a little class to the ‘do. If you want to achieve a more ethereal look, stick in bejeweled hairpins all over your locks! This hairstyle is great for outdoor weddings as it gives off a more natural aura from the bride.

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Floral Beauty
Hairstyle 5: The Floral Beauty
Now that flower crowns and floral prints are back in the fashion loop, floral brides are also becoming more popular. If you want a garden wedding or a wedding in the woods, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Embrace the beauty of nature by pinning in some flowers along with your locks. You can ask your stylist to loosely braid your hair and intertwine a few fresh or artificial flowers within the braids. This is a simple yet stunningly gorgeous hairstyle for all the nature lovers out there!

Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles Stylish Curls
Hairstyle 6: The Stylish Curls
There are tons of ways to curl your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long; you can achieve a curly hairstyle if you want, the longer the hair the bigger the curls. You can also add headpieces if you’re not planning on wearing the traditional veil—headbands, clips, pearls, and other jewels can be used to accentuate the hair.
Hairstyle 7: The Half Moon
One of the traditional wedding hairstyles is the Half Moon. Basically, it’s a half-ponytail but with more volume and style. You can wear a half moon with straight hair, or perhaps keep the other half curled or wavy. This hairstyle is great for formal settings and indoor weddings. You can also add some accessories if you’re not planning on using an extravagant veil.


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