Top 5 Tactful Do’s on Wedding Invitations
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Top 5 Tactful Do’s on Wedding Invitations

Yes it’s already the electronic and digital world of the internet and everything just goes around it in a blink of an eye. Everyone can get in touch with people and they will not even feel like they are half way around the world apart. Spare the electronic wedding invitations this time.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations with Person Title
It is part of the etiquette to send wedding invitations in a very tactful way. Given that the internet has hosts of online wedding invitations, it is still important to know if these paperless invites can contain the proper information necessary for the wedding guests. And by the way, there is nothing more memorable than receiving a wedding invitation by hand – the one that carries the wedding theme, the matching lace or ribbon and the silk-like embossed lettering of the name of the guest.

Rule no. 1, Spell out the professional titles of the guests. It should be Attorney instead of Atty. It should be General instead of Gen. And never use their nicknames! A wedding is a formal event so it is right to address the guests appropriately as well.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations Exclusion of Gift Suggestion
Rule no. 2, Use “Ret.” at the end of the name of a retired high-ranking official. Use “Mr. and Mrs.” for married couples who are still living together. If they are no longer living together or if there are couples who are not married but living together, list their names separately in alphabetical order and provide separate invitations.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations No Handwritten Note
Rule no. 3, Children’s names are not supposed to be included in the outer envelope. But if the kids are invited, make sure to include their name in the inner envelope. Say, “Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bright and Grace.” If there is no child’s name, it is commonly assumed that the kids are also invited. In this case, emphasize if the wedding is black-tie and that adults only are expected. It is kind of uncomfortable but it will still be proper if the guests know how you expect the formality of the occasion.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations Traditional Wedding Invite
Rule no. 4, Include the complete ceremony and reception address in the inner envelope. Formal weddings should only use number words for time, street number and date. Street names should all be unabbreviated and no handwritten notes should be included. Semi-formal weddings can use numbers but still do away hand writing some details.

Tactful Do's on Wedding Invitations Separate Map

Rule no. 5, It is never proper to include gift suggestions in the wedding invitations. Any information about gifts should be sent out separately through the wedding website. Lastly, never include a map in the fine paper along with the list of guests. Have a separate print-out to be included in the envelope instead.


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