Top 5 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Styles
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Top 5 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Styles

If you are an individualist, then commonality wouldn’t appeal to you. This holds true even during your own wedding. You would want to empower everyone to express themselves even if it is your wedding day. You are no Bridezilla, but yet you can manage how to achieve that cohesive bridal entourage. Tap the mismatched bridesmaid styling.

With mismatched bridesmaid dressing, your bridesmaids can play with their own outfit with your guidance, of course. Set some “rules” to be able to have aunified look on the big day. Here are some suggestions.

Stick to one hue or one color combination
You could pick out one hue for your entire entourage. Provide the textile and allow your bridesmaids to pick out their own designs. They can have it in halter tops, tube tobs, assymetrical, princess cut or whatever they like. You might want to make the length of the skirt the uniform to minimize the messy effect. Say, an inch above the knee?

mismatched bridesmaids

Go for a rainbow hue
If you couldn’t decide for a certain color, then go for a rainbow to make things more interesting. Assign your entourage their specific color. You can go from red to purple. You could even add black to spice it even more. If you have more girls than the colors of the rainbow, then play with each color hues. It’s entirely up to you.

Colorful Leggings

Flick some Florals

If you want your wedding to be vintage and laid-back, then you could experiment with simple floral material. Tap the 1940s divas without you and your girls. Picking out different textiles wouldn’t hurt as long as you limit the dress style to simple ones – halters and tube tops. And oh, go floral on the bouquets too.

Floral Dresses

Blushing Pastels
With blushing pastels, you could do more since the color scheme is light and classy. Overdoing the designs would actually give more sophistication and elegance. You can play up with lace textiles. Toss in some silky ones. Make one ruffled. And place some bows on the waists. The entourage will still look dazzling. Just make sure your chosen textiles gives out similar stir; you wouldn’t want one to overpower the others.

Brown Dresses

Play with Accessories
If you’re feeling heavier on the eclectic side of the scale, then you could even play up with the accessories. Let your girls wear the same styled shoes of different colors. Or make them wear colored leggings under their meek dresses. This would be great if all of your girls are game for it.

Blush Neutrals

In mismatched bridesmaid dresses, as long as you have a theme and stick with it, nothing could ever go wrong. However, work closely with your girls if they’re just okay with your “rules”.


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