Top 5 Caribbean Wedding Destinations
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Top 5 Caribbean Wedding Destinations

Do you want to declare your vows on the pristine shorelines stretching against the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean? Add a vermilion painted sky on the backdrop and the wedding memories are sure to last a lifetime. Having your wedding vows on one of the Caribbean Islands is worth your time, effort and money. A run through on each of these islands will tell you why.

Couple plus passport

The Bahamas
For one, the Bahamas is in close proximity to the United States translating to easy travel for Americans who want to get married. The island, being a tourist wedding destination, is prepared with competent wedding packages ranging budget. There are spas, nightly entertainment, beach-front resorts and golf resorts where you can hang out after the wedding. The Bahamas is also known for its quick turnaround for marriage licenses.

Shoreline with boats

Dominican Republic
Cobblestone paths make interesting outdoor wedding aisles and that’s exactly what you get if you host your wedding in Dominican Republic. The reception would be everything but boring with the local merengue music and jovial local entertainers. Also, you can have several choices for your wedding – outdoor wedding, classic wedding on 16th century buildings of Spanish architect, river or waterfall wedding.

Caribbean at Night


Book a two-hour plane from Miami to Jamaica and transfer to your booked cruise ship afterwards. Sip in cocktails and enjoy the last days of being single before you have your marriage rites transpire on an outdoor setting, near the Negril Cliffs, Dunn’s River Falls or Mayfield Falls. With all the tourist attractions in Jamaica, time is your only enemy.

Water in between rocks

Puerto Rico
Let your wedding destination embody a tropical glamour on the “Island of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico. Immerse into the tranquillity of the island along with your partner, family and friends. Have your weddings on hotels with private terraces over the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. No need for passports and currency exchanges.


If you’re looking for a wedding historical adventure, then you might want to have your wedding on Barbados islands. Have a chic, old-school wedding on Sunbury House, a 300-year old plantation house or on Morgan Lewis Windmill. There are beach wedding packages also readily available for you when you get there.
Having a Caribbean wedding destination simply means you are one fun couple. Think of all the things that you can explore as a new couple – snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking, touring orchards, tasting local cuisines and many more.


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