Top 5 Best Choices for Wedding Flowers
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Top 5 Best Choices for Wedding Flowers

Picking the right flowers is one of the most important things in a wedding ceremony. Can you imagine a ceremony without any flowers at all? Looks a little weird, right? Flowers play a big role in weddings not only for the beauty they add to the whole place and the wonderful scent they carry, but also because flowers have meanings that can be symbolic to the couple. Now, if you are faced with the difficulty of choosing the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding, it’s best to be informed about the top choices of flowers among most weddings and why, exactly, they are chosen by most couples.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Gardenia
Flower 5: Gardenia
At our fifth spot, we have the ever present Gardenia. It means “You’re lovely” and is also the symbol of secret love. This exquisite flower is one of the most common for weddings because of its heavy scent and its delicate appearance. Once made into a bouquet, Gardenias look vividly stunning and sophisticated. It can also be used to make fragrant corsages. However, the ivory petals of this stunning flower tend to bruise easily so you’ll have to be extra gentle in handling them.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Hydrangea
Flower 4: Hydrangeas
With the variety of intense colors offered by Hydrangeas, it’s no wonder it has become yet another one of the most commonly picked flowers for weddings. They add a splash of color that brightens up the whole place. Hydrangeas can also be used to add more beauty and class to the bride’s bouquet. Another perk of this flower is that it’s more affordable compared to others which allows for a lighter budget for floral arrangements.


Flower 3: Tulips
A universal symbol of “happy years” and “consuming love”, Tulips come in third on our list. These flowers come in a lot of different colors such as cream, white, pastels, and even brighter shades such as purple and magenta. As they are easily harvested most of the year, Tulips are very budget friendly and hardly goes out of stock. Tulips can easily blend well in bouquets as well as table arrangements—they automatically add a dash of elegance. There are three main Tulip varieties: Dutch, the most common kind which are usually seen in most flower shops and gardens; French, which features longer stems and are more expensive than the common tulips; and Parrot, which come in intense colors.

Flower 2: Peonies
Peonies are commonly found in Central America and around Asia. They work well together with gerberas and orchids, but can also be arranged individually. In contrast to its bright color and strong scent, the Peony means “bashfulness”. A whole bouquet of peonies can be dazzling and it can also be used to make lovely centerpieces and floral arrangements for weddings. However, peonies bloom only from spring to summer which makes it a little expensive.

Flower 1: Roses
Surprise, surprise! For the top flower choice among most weddings, we have the ever dependable Roses. Universally considered a symbol of “true love”, roses have been used to express emotions that one cannot verbally communicate. Despite its being common, roses are far from boring—especially now that they are available in almost any color imaginable! The best thing about roses is that since they are grown commercially all year round, they are very affordable.


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