Top 10 Wedding Desserts
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Top 10 Wedding Desserts

1 Macarons 

These colorful French confections are so tasty and has all the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. You can choose whatever color you want – from pastel hues like baby pink to bold colors like hot pink. You can arrange them in order of the colors of the rainbow. You can put them in tiers or layers of dessert holders or in glass jars. The possibilities are fun and endless. That’s why macarons are one of the most popular wedding desserts these days.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Macarons
2 Chocolate Fountains 

Nothing beats the sight and scent of a rich, warm, melting chocolate tumbling down over chocolate rounds and surrounded by a variety of uber yummy dipping goodies – cookies, mallows, fresh fruit cubes and confections. You can make it your centerpiece and even choose white chocolate or any other color to match your wedding color scheme.

3 Cupcake Towers 

Cupcake towers sometimes replace the traditional wedding cakes. They’re beautiful to look at especially when decorated with fondant and gum-paste flowers of all shapes and sizes—daisies, cherry blossoms and roses. They can even come in an assortment of colors and flavors – chocolate, raspberry or blueberry, cream cheese, vanilla, orange!

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Cupcakes

4 Cheesecake 

Small bite-sized cheesecakes in different flavors and colors make a beautiful and delectable wedding dessert. You can design and build your own tiered cheesecake.
5 Cookies and Brownies and Fudge Bars 

A dessert bar filled with cookies and brownies and all your childhood favorites is a sure winner for wedding desserts. Match these goodies up with a glass of warm milk.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Monogram Cookies
6 Candies 

The wonderful sight of a table filled with candy glass jars and all sorts of candies can easily bring anyone to candy heaven. There’s no sweeter way to treat your guests than a candy bar.
7 Milkshakes 

Yummy milk shakes served in mini milkshake glasses are refreshing to the eyes and to the mouth. Rows of mini-milkshakes of different colors and flavors with fancy straws definitely look just as good as they taste.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Milkshakes
8 Frozen Pops and Yogurts

Yogurt in cute cups come in different flavors and colors and fancy toppings too. Ice pops are a cool treat after dancing the night away. They’re pretty to look at and yummy to bite.
9 Pies 

From apple pies to chocolate cream pies to pumpkin pies –an array of pies is a delicious treat to your wedding guests.

Top 10 Wedding Desserts Pies
10 Fruits

Fruits can be cut up and arranged decoratively. They can be arranged in fruit tiers and fancy bowls and lovely plates. And of course, they’re delicious and healthy.


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