Tips on How to Use Floral Crowns in Your Wedding
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Tips on How to Use Floral Crowns in Your Wedding

Brides have been swept off their feet by seeing pictures of other brides and bridesmaids wearing floral crowns and halos. These hair trimmings have been revived and have taken the modern wedding setting by storm. If you are seduced by the whimsical playfulness of these trinkets, then read on to spark some inspiration which you could infuse into your own wedding.

Crowns on flower girls

Different Sizes
There are many styles and types of floral crowns. There are crowns with full flowers, ones which are only half-way occupied and there are ones which only have a bundle of flowers on one side. Either way, they are still adorable. The sizes of the flowers on your floral halos can translate into the wedding hierarchy. For instance, the bride wears the biggest ones. Middle-sized florals can be made for the sponsors and bridesmaids. Then for those little flower girls, they’ll have the tiny flowers tucked into their golden locks.

Different Sizes

Oversized Bridal Floral Crowns
If you are modish enough, you could confidently don an oversized floral crown and still look demure and regal. Lilies would make lovely crowns. If you’re going for boldness, then there’s nothing wrong with picking out bright-colored flowers for oversized crowns. However, if you cannot carry it, then avoid oversized flowers and evade awkwardness.

Oversized Bridal Floral Crown

Whimsical Crowns
Depending on the bride’s choices, a floral crown can actually impart an effect to the observer. Usually, crowns are made to appear whimsical and fairy-like. To achieve this effect, you should carefully choose the hues, the type of flowers and the arrangement that you would be creating. To seal the look of whimsy, you can opt to go for Berzillia, garden roses, Ranunculus, Jasmine and rice flowers. Choose flowers in blush hues and in little bundles with tiny almost-spiking stems.

Whimsical crowns

Flower Crowns Used with Veil
Another useful function of the floral crowns is to keep the wedding veil in place. Place the floral crown atop the veil. If you want, you could just go half-way – veil would only fall on one side (for a boho chic effect). As long as the veil fabric complements the texture and color scheme of the floral crown, then make use of the dainty combo. With this style, functionality and flair are being covered.

Floral Crown used with veil


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