Tips for a successful reception party
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Tips for a successful reception party

We all look forward to the reception party. Indeed, this is the time when everyone can finally relax after the stressful planning that have led up to this event. It’s no wonder that reception parties often tend to be the wildest and most-anticipated moment after the wedding. To throw a highly successful reception, however, there are a few things that the bride and groom should absolutely take into consideration.

Bride at reception

Contrary to what most of us believe, holding a reception is not necessarily easier than the wedding. Sure, the mood’s much more relax and your guests will probably not stand on protocol, but, it’s still to show them a wonderful time. Therefore, the very first thing that you should consider is the music. In fact, one of the most common mistakes at receptions is to go for slow, romantic tubes that will enhance the sentimental mood of the day. However, while this can be quite a lovely touch at the start of your party, slow songs do tend to get boring after a while. Hence, be sure to ask the band or DJ to play some upbeat and rhythmic songs, especially during the last two hours of the reception.

Dancing to upbeat songs

Don’t forget that your wedding reception is typically a place where everyone can unwind and let their hair down. So, it would be fair if parents could get a break from their kids as well. If you can afford it, never hesitate to plan a special entertainment corner for the kids. Hire a clown, magician or even a couple of babysitters to keep the kids entertained, safe and parent-free all night long. Best of all, this will contain all the mess in one corner, hence allowing both the kids and the parents to relax and have fun in their own individual way.

Entertainment corner for the kids

Also, be sure to provide enough napkins for each and every guest: it may seem quite trivial but several couples often ignore such tiny details, hence resulting in quite a bit of discomfort for the guests. Don’t neglect the importance of accents and accessories as well. A perfectly decorated hall, for example, can play wonders in setting the proper mood and feel. Small centerpieces for each table, a small fountain in the corner, streamers, ribbons and balloons are definitely going to set a festive mood. Candles are other great decorating options for receptions, but, since you’ll be entertaining a crowd, it would be much safer to go for LED candles instead.

Enough napkins for everybody

Centerpiece for table


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