Tips and Secrets for a successful Destination wedding
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Tips and Secrets for a successful Destination wedding

Fun, relaxing and undoubtedly filled with surprises, Destination weddings are steadily growing in popularity. The good thing about Destination weddings is that you’ll get a chance to explore new places and hang out with your friends and partner prior to the ceremony. This certainly provides the couple with a chance to unwind before the wedding, instead of constantly stressing about minor details. After all, destination weddings are not unlike a fancy holiday!

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However, there are quite a few things to consider before embarking on a destination wedding. It’s important to think beyond the vows or the table settings: Destination weddings also demand practical issues that should be dealt with even before you embark on your flight. For example, several brides underestimate the importance of properly storing their wedding dresses before they step into the plane; something that usually results in stains or maybe even rips.

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Hence, it’s crucial to properly protect and pack your dress before your jet off to whichever exotic destination that you’ve chosen. Invest in a few protective sleeves that will protect your dress during the trip. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to speak to the airline and ask if they would consider storing your dress in the first class closet to avoid any accident.

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Tropical islands will undoubtedly result in romantic destination weddings, but, you should also remember that the climate can get quite hot and humid. This is a factor to consider even before you chose your wedding dress because the last thing that you need is patches of sweat dotting your precious white dress. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids as well: short, light and floating tropical bridesmaids’ dresses will ensure that your special ladies are comfortable at all times.

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If you can afford it, it’s also a good idea to fly to the wedding location a few weeks before the big day to avoid any unwanted surprises. This will also give you the chance to discuss with the hotel or wedding planner and fine-tune any last-minute details. However, if you can’t afford the plane fare, don’t hesitate to check out some high-quality and reliable travel websites that will help you get a general idea on how the location truly is. Factors too look out for are room size or chapel size, a hall or bare space for the reception, as well as the catering. Many destination weddings tend to serve local delicacies but this can be quite a risk if your guests don’t have an adventurous taste buds. Try to keep a balance between familiar and more exotic dishes to make sure that everyone appreciates the wedding feast.

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