Tips on Creating a Wedding Menu
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Tips on Creating a Wedding Menu

A large portion of your wedding budget will most likely be spent on reception food. The food plays a large portion of bias on your guests when they’re asked if they enjoyed your wedding. Everybody loves to eat, right? To make it a meal affair to remember, carefully select delectable menus which match your wedding theme and the general preferences of your guests.

Wedding Menu
Know your guests
You probably know each person that will be attending your wedding. You have at least dined with them once or twice and have picked up their general preference. Perhaps, you’re inventing people from the same organization, office or hobby group. If your guests are health buffs you go play Frisbee with, then you might want to load up some veggies. Keep in mind the children who will come to your wedding. Give them their food stations too.

Couple with food
Don’t let your guests go hungry
Usually, wedding rites take a generally long period of time, just enough for the guests to digest their last meal. On the reception, welcome your guests with yummy appetizers which can break their hunger. You could also have a little snack and drink bar where the guests could get something to munch on while waiting for the reception program to start.

Wedding Main Course
Vary courses and drinks
To be safe, always vary your food choices. Have some chicken, beef and pork. Have a salad bowl for the vegetarians. That way, your guests have the option to eat which food they like. Of course, you might want to serve alcohol wedding day. For non-drinkers though who would still want to socialize with the crowd, give them mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails).

Choose food that complements your wedding season
You should also consider the season of your wedding. Your preferred dish might not have the ingredients that you need by that time. Also, give them comfort food appropriate for the season. Winter weddings can have hot cocoa with floating marshmallows served. For summer weddings, fruits and salads are best.

Wedding Drinks
Think about quantity
When you are preparing your wedding menu, it should be wise to allot extra food. Having unfed guests on the party is sort of embarrassing. A little extra food and drinks wouldn’t hurt your budget. Besides, you can always have it packed out for some midnight snacks.


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