Tips on Creating Your Own Themed Wedding Snack Bar
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Tips on Creating Your Own Themed Wedding Snack Bar

Weddings stretch all the way from morning to midday or midday to even midnight. Your guests might have sacrificed their work day or even their day offs just to witness your special day. It is indeed a long day so be grateful for them and at least keep their tummies happy. Provide a snack bar for them.

Wedding Bar with Details

Choose a Theme

On planning your wedding snack bar, keep in mind your whole wedding theme from the colors to the style. You wouldn’t want the bar to be out-of-place in the wedding venue. Be creative in choosing a theme for your snack bar. If you and your groom have first met while buying candies, then go for the candy bar. If both of you are gym buffs and so are your expected guests, then have an Acai Bar or other healthy snack bar.

Acai Bar

Go for Variety

If your guests are varied – children, adults, vegetarian, health-conscious people and many more, you might want to see to it that your snack bar contains many options without going beyond your theme. For example, if you’re planning to have a Cookie Snack Bar, throw in different cookie flavors. Have some plain butter, the ones with nuts, oatmeal cookies, fat-free cookies and so on. It would be best to label them too so your guests wouldn’t have to linger too long on the snack bar just figuring out what the selections are.

Cookie Bar

Dwell in Details

If you’re a hippie, then mason jars with stripes straws would certainly appeal to you. If you’re a quoted health sophisticate, then cupcakes with fresh fruit toppings would be your choice. Make your snack bar charming with little details that would make them look interesting. Put ribbons on toothpicks. Play with words. Write on blackboards or wooden planks. Place dainty bottles, shells and flowers beside the table. Another smart idea is to place these goodies on snack bar carts or cabinets instead of the usual table.

Smore Bar

Stir in Excitement in Your Guests

To set everyone in the happy and bouncing mood, give way for a snack bar interaction.Give them options to choose from. If you’re serving fries, give them several dip options. For a taco bar, provide beef, pork and chicken as meat, salsa, cheese or sour cream as dips. Provide little lacey cups or dotted cone cylinders as their food vessel and serving tools. The size of these cups and serving tools can depend on you. This way, you could also control the amount of food that the guests can take without them knowing.

Candy Bar


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