How to throw a proper Celtic Wedding
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How to throw a proper Celtic Wedding

Firmly rooted in the balance and power of nature, Celtic weddings are extremely romantic and project an almost mystical feel on the ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be Irish or even believe in the Celtic faith in order to throw such a ceremony. Indeed, all you need is a beautiful, airy green space- preferably a forest- and a firm knowledge of the traditions that usually accompany Celtic theme weddings.

Celtic wedding collage

The one important thing to bear in mind is that you should stick to the proper color palette. Indeed, bright pinks and vivid reds are certainly not going to do it. Don’t forget that Celtic cultures are very focused on nature which means that your wedding will have to be centered a deep, forest green hue.

Different types of Celtic wedding dress

If you’re hesitant about slipping into a green wedding dress, don’t panic. You can very easily bring some green touches to your outfit by donning some emerald jewelry. A typical look for Celtic brides is a long, flowing gown with bell sleeves, emerald earrings and a matching emerald chain around the forehead. Some Celtic brides choose to skip the forehead chain in favor of a flower crown.

Celtic hand fasting ceremony

Celtic weddings are also quite focused on hand fasting ceremonies; a tradition during which the priest ties the hands of the bride and groom together to symbolize an ever-lasting relationship. By this token, make sure to select the proper fabric for the hand fasting ceremony: deep gold, silver or green are the most typical colors for these rituals.

Celtic unity candle

Some Celtic couples also choose to engage in the burning of the unity candle, whereby both the bride and the groom light one candle at the same time to symbolize their union. If you want to perform this deeply romantic gesture at your wedding, it’s important to get a proper Celtic candle that’s tall and large enough to be visible to all the guests.

Wedding cake with Celtic symbols

As far as the reception goes, Celtic culture is also reputed for its highly sophisticated and elegant banquets. So, if you can afford it, try to go for long, banquet-like tables and chairs for your guests to feast on. Don’t neglect the wedding cake either: a white, ivory or green cake with Celt-like symbols engraved all over it will most certainly bring a pronounced Celtic feel to your special day.


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