Things to consider for a perfect beach wedding
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Things to consider for a perfect beach wedding

Nothing screams romance more than gliding down an aisle on the beach with the vermillion sun setting on the horizon. Indeed, if you do have the chance to go for a beach wedding, bear in mind that while your ceremony will undeniably be extremely romantic, there are quite a few things to consider to ease your comfort and that of your guests.

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For example, while many dream of sinking their toes in the warm, powdery sand as they stride down the aisle, a more practical option would be carpet the area where you’re getting married. If you absolutely must feel the sand under your feet, try to consider carpeting the area where your guests will be suited: don’t forget that several of the ladies might be in heels and you certainly want to assure their comfort.

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The bride’s choice of footwear, however, will ultimately depend on her overall attire. If you’re going for a flower-girl, vintage-like look, with a long, breezy gown and a crown of flowers on your head, then you can very easily go barefooted. Alternatively, you will find that there’s absolutely no shortage of toe rings and bejeweled flats that will complement your beach wedding dress while adding a touch of glamor to your outfit as a whole.

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As far as the wedding altar goes, don’t hesitate to dress it up in light gauzes, flowers or even seashells. These little touches will ultimately enhance any beach theme wedding. Don’t hesitate to favor marine-like colors such as ecru, turquoise, marine green, eggshell, white, ivory and other sand-related hues. This palate can also be used for the reception, even if you’re not having the actual reception on the beach itself. In fact, a particularly lovely idea would be to have a cake made up in sea blue and white with fondant or sugared seashells draped over it. Don’t hesitate to run a few online searches to find some really original cake toppers that will bring out the marine theme of your special day.

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Another important factor to consider is the seating arrangement: in most beach theme weddings, the seating area and aisle are parallel to the sea. However, a more romantic option would be to seat the guests and create an aisle that actually faces the sea. This way, the bride will be able to stride towards the shoreline as her groom waits for her under the wedding arch.

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