The Vegan Wedding Menu: Healthy, Tasty and Cozy
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The Vegan Wedding Menu: Healthy, Tasty and Cozy

Planning for the wedding menu is done by the bride and groom because they will be having the guests which are mostly their friends and relatives. The emerging menu nowadays since everyone seems to go organic, is the vegan wedding menu. By this, you will be doing your attendees a favor because vegan is healthy, tasty and cozy.

The all-healthy-totally-no-meat recipes are the latest trend today that does not only keep your guests away from hypertension, heart ailment and arthritis but are totally delectable.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Shanghai rolls

Shanghai rolls are way better compared to muffins with colored icings. This one is rich in omega3 and beta-carotene.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Mushroom Pie

Creamy and tasty are the features of good food. The mushroom, spinach, onions and tofu roll will make your heart alive as well as fill your tongue with flavor.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Sushi

As an alternative of sugary desserts, you can place sushi as your eye catcher. They can be presented with rainbow wraps where the fruits and veggie filling are captivating.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Mushroom and Tofu

The mushroom and tofu mix will get your taste buds filled. It loads the tummy but not the cholesterol count.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Desserts

Desserts and side dishes can only be gratifying if the palatability value is present. These veggie recipes have it so your guests will not be looking for those conventional cupcakes that will only get them at war with their sugar levels. Let them taste the natural sweetness of fruit and vegetables not sugar.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Main Courses

Plated main courses are usually done during the wedding reception. Filling that plate with colors coming from Mother Nature will definitely excite your attendees and their flavor buds.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Salads

You can save on the decoration because the food totally have an expressive medley of beautiful color combinations that are healthy to eat and absolutely flavorful.

Vegan Wedding Menu: Vegan Salad

The vegan wedding menu is a good trend that even celebrities like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway have considered the natural food for their own weddings.


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