The Flower Girls: Adorable, Angelic and Agitated
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The Flower Girls: Adorable, Angelic and Agitated

A wedding is a very happy celebration as well as an occasion that gives uneasiness to the bride and groom. The bridesmaids are there to assist the bride and the groomsmen to give the groom a good glass of wine before the wedding ceremony starts. The role of the flower girls on the other hand where some of them can barely walk, is distraction; distraction from edginess  that is.

Flower Girl with Purple and White Decoration

Who would not be happy if you are surrounded by innocent and angelic little girls that would want to try your shoes on and puts the tip of your veil on their heads? They actually provide ease for the bride that reminds her to be carefree and take things like a little girl who is at all times enthusiastic and cheerful.

Flower Girls with Funny Faces

Adorable as they are, these pretty little things that like to walk around with their gowns are as excited as the bride. They would look pretty much like a cherub but they would behave the opposite sometimes.

Flower Girls In Sunlight

The flower girls are delighted to wear those fabulous tiaras and the sought after tutu dress. Their anticipation of holding that tiny bouquet and wearing that pretty dress is as intense as the expectancy of the bride herself.

Flower Girls with Ring Baskets

Anyway they would all look good whether they have the little crowns, the floral headpiece or the headband. They gladly toss the flowers from their baskets while some would do other things. They would love to run around that is why their dresses are made comfortably. The style would only come second because of the mood swings that they would have when their wardrobe malfunctions.

Adorable Flower Girls

The flower girls are your little bundle of joy during the ceremony. They will provide a light feeling on the couple. Even Princess Kate chose to have flower girls and junior bridesmaids rather than an adult bridesmaid because not only it is the normal royal wedding but the kids really are amazingly adorable.

Angelic Flower Girls

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