Surf Wedding Inspiration
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Surf Wedding Inspiration

Do you still remember that one fine afternoon during the rain months when the waves were at their highest peaks, this surfer lolita emerged from the wave tunnel and you were blown away. Just like that and she’s got your heart riding on some waves. Now, you two are getting married and you can go surfing together for the rest of your lives. Nail that surf wedding with these wacky suggestions.

Couple on Surfboard
Take lots of pictures – on the shore or in waters
This is your surf wedding day. Immortalize it and make it divine. Let your friends make a royal aisle of surfboards and march in between. Sit on a surfboard over the calm waters and kiss. Have that shot framed. Don’t worry about your clothes getting wet – it’s all part of the surfing lifestyle. Or better yet, let all your surfer friends sit on the surfboard on the waters with your wedding attire on and have the precious moment snapshotted.

Surfboard Guestbook Alternative
Surfboards aren’t just for surfing
On your wedding day, you can use surfboards as cool alternatives. Make it a menu holder near the table. Transform them into entrance decorations along the aisle and adorn it with flowers. Make a photo booth with standing surfboards as background. Make mini-surfboards and include them in the boutonnieres. Or make mini surfboards invite or table card holders. If you want, transform a surfboard into a wedding guestbook where your guests can write their messages to you and your hubby as a couple.The options are endless!

Menu on Surfboard
Rent a surf car or decorate your own
The wedding car will take you from the church to the beach reception so you have to tickle your guests’ fancy after the church wedding by having a surfer car bring you and your hubby to the reception. If you don’t have a surf car, there are online companies which offer surf car rentals. Take a pick from the split screen bus, a 1940 Ford woody wagon and the good ‘ol beetle.

Wedding Car
Take the details seriously
Surf weddings are splendid so you better make one worth remembering. Focus on the details. Have low tables and cushions to sit on. The sand are meant to be felt and not just to walk on. Have colorful cocktails on the cocktail bar and play some Hawaiian music on the background. Jack Johnson would be a cool addition to your playlist too.

Surf Wedding Decorations



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