Summer Wedding Flower Girl Dresses
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Summer Wedding Flower Girl Dresses

Summer is the time of the year when everybody increases their downtime and immerse in the sun. It is a great season for you to celebrate your wedding, knowing that people have more time for leisure activities and your flower girls don’t have school yet. Instigate some fun for the little ladies. Dress them up with cutesy unconventional wedding flower girl dresses which they would be comfortable wearing during the hot days.

Plain white dress with bow

Plain white dresses
If you’re having a vineyard wedding, a plain white dress with minimal accents would play nice with a dark-colored floral crowns. They would look like cherubs walking down the aisle in this simple outfit. Nothing too fancy, but more than endearing and sweet.

Pretty pastels

Pale Pastels
Rustic weddings can also have neutral-colored dresses, stylishly designed. If it’s too plain, you can add floral accessory on the dress. Having a bow with a huge flower wouldn’t hurt too. Kids can carry out the floral drama because they always look irresistible.

Rustic and Vintage Summer

Ruffled, printed dresses
Stay away from heavy and glamorous textiles if you’re hoping for a laid-back, summer wedding. To make your flower girls’ dress look interesting, you could have a sort-of patchy dress with paisley and floral prints. Add ruffles made from light-colored fabrics on the end of the skirt to accomplish a quixotic look.

ruffle flower girl dresses

Cool colors
If you want to pick out textiles which are silky or detailed, you may want to balance them out with the color. Choose ones which are light on the eyes. A light blue laced layer covering a pop-out dress would be a nice touch. The design should be styled such that it wouldn’t trap the heat in your girls’ bodies. Go for a tube dress instead to make them feel more comfortable.

Colorful Tutu skirts

Tutu dress
Tutu dresses are great for beach weddings. Add a starfish accessory and everything’s perfect. Tutus in different shades can also create depth and promote appealing accents on the dress’ impact.
In choosing out your flower girls’ dresses for your summer wedding, it would be important to consider the color, style and textile of the dress. Use light colors and materials in order not trap the heat. Also, the style should be tube dresses and halter tops for maximum comfort. The heat would not be tolerable if you’d go for body hugging dress styles.


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