Stylish Angel Wedding Theme
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Stylish Angel Wedding Theme

Angel theme weddings evoke images of fluffy white feathers for angel wings, cute bare-bottomed cherubim with harps, Greek columns and urns. But angel themes can be soft and dreamy, and even shabby chic. Go for pale colors, like baby blue and soft lilac or pale light dusty rose combined with sage green and mingle some smatterings of gold. Decide whether you’ll go for the classical white angel wedding or vintage rustic type of angel themed wedding.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Bridal Gown

If you go for the classical, pick out a heavenly angelic theme for your wedding gown– like a slim fitting silk gown – with gold beads and crystal trimmings. Choose soft and flowing fabrics like organza – it’s perfect for a gold beaded cap sleeve and an A-line chiffon bodice. Try white chiffon gowns with hints of gold accents for your bridesmaids.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Simple Tiara

Adorn their hair with a simple thin gold band – or something studded with golden stars and small suns. Let your flower girls carry star-shaped or sun-shaped wands – with streaming white and gold ribbons. The men can go for the black tux. Or if you’re going for shabby chic angel themed wedding, think off white flowing gown with an old rose garland on your head as your hair with golden locks hang loose – let the men wear a dapper ensemble of winter apparel. You can bet you will look oh so chic and romantic.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Favor

Sprucing up the wedding venue should be fun. Twine the doorways and windows with a chain of small white lights. Garnish the space with bare tress, add some sparkling white lights, hang small cherubs and miniature golden harps and trumpets from the branches.

Hang angel wreathes around – use it as the table’s centerpiece. Or use a round mirror and pepper it with gold and silver glitters then put a tall candle pillar in the middle. Pick out something that resembles a Grecian column. Embellish the pillar with vines with green and pink flowers. Hang angels flying from the ceiling – add some cotton to make it appear they’re flying up in the feathery down of clouds.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Decoration

Put some spunk on your wedding by providing angel wings and flower garlands for the guests –even the not so little angels will love them.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Cake

Use a gold and silver palette for your wedding cake – you can choose harps and trumpets and cute cherubs or just stars and suns and old rose and sage green flowers. For your wedding favors, go for chocolate-shaped cherubs wrapped in gold boxes, or angel lollipops or cookies. Or sweet smelling angel-shaped soaps.


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