Something Blue: For Love, For Luck, For You
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Something Blue: For Love, For Luck, For You

Something blue as the saying goes is for luck that will be carried throughout your life. It is for love to just bend when there are setbacks but never break. It is for you the bride to carry the color of deep water for purity and serenity. The sapphire eye is your good fortune that you will wear on the blessed day of your life.

It could be the wedding gown itself to be in blue all throughout but for some refreshing renditions it can be an accent as this detachable tiered cerulean skirt that presents femininity and virginal aura.

As for some bride that loves the vintage, they tend to have their bridal shoes be painted with blue floral details. The peep-toe open side pumps will be a great addition to a classy 20’s pinup look.

Brides are girls once in their lives and the engrossment for the “awww” moment is always there. This aquamarine lotus with pearls necklace paired to the strapless shirred top makes an instant attraction.

So does this braided bracelet with blue-green charms hanging on it.  For the young brides this is a good choice for something blue.

On the olden days, they prefer their something blue to be kept inside the white dress. The blue underwear has been so popular that time and even so today with a touch of customization.

The blue bouquet has also been a repeated favorite because of its calmness and naïve loveliness.

Something blue can be a hair comb for the brides adorned with flowers and feathers but it can always be your blue eyes that trapped the heart of the groom.


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