Selecting the perfect symbolic flowers for your wedding bouquet
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Selecting the perfect symbolic flowers for your wedding bouquet

While contemporary brides usually go for their favorite flowers or, at the very least, the sort of flowers that matches their outfits, there was a time when ladies used to select their bridal bouquets according to the various symbolisms.

Bride with bouquet

This tradition is still practiced by Royal families from all over the world, with Kate Middleton selecting her flowers according to what they represent. For example, she selected Lily of the Valley because, during Queen Victoria’s time, this particular bloom was representative of happiness and trust. The new Duchess very endearingly selected some Sweet William flowers as a nod to her husband. Other flowers included Myrtle- which is a Royal tradition and Ivy because it typically stands for affection, friendship and fidelity.
So, if you want to borrow a leaf from the Duchess’ book, here’s a list of the most popular wedding flowers and their different symbolisms:

Orange flowers

Orange Flowers: Exquisitely festive, this particular bloom will certainly take your look to the next level. Orange flowers commonly stand for Bridal Festivities and are absolutely perfect for cutting-edge brides.

Ivy bouquet

Peony: One of the most popular bridal flowers in Japan, Peonies usually stand for masculinity, virility and a happy marriage. This is why some groom usually tuck a single peony in the pockets of their tuxedos as they tie the knot. Like Kate, you may include this flower in your overall bouquet as a not to your future husband.

Red roses bridal bouquet

Rose: Present in practically every wedding bouquet, roses stand for love in its various forms. Representative of romance and friendship, these flowers come in various colors, hence allowing the bride to create a combination of roses which will match with their dresses. It is a well-known fact that red represent romance, but few people know that blue-lavender or white roses are commonly used to honor the elders. So, if you’re very close to your grandparents, or if you want to honor a departed grandparent on your special day, don’t hesitate to tuck a blue-lavender rose in your bouquet.

Purple Lilac

Purple Lilac: If you fell in love with your significant other at first sight, this is undeniably the perfect flower for you. Indeed, the Purple Lilac is often used to symbolize love at first sight, which is why it’s so often used for wedding bouquets. This bloom is also representative of early love and spirituality, which makes the Purple Lilac quite perfect for church weddings.

Overall, the flowers that you select for your bridal bouquet should ultimately be a representation of your personality and your groom’s. In fact, for a more poetic touch, don’t hesitate to use for flowers t tell your love story.


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