Science Themed Weddings
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Science Themed Weddings

Test tubes and Bunsen burners, flasks and the periodic table. They all certainly don’t sound like things you’ll use for a wedding party. But well, yeah. A science-themed wedding is a unique and cool idea if the couple wants their love for science to be reflected as they express their love for each other. Somebody’s science teacher must be grinning from ear to ear.

The theme itself sounds nerdy enough so cute pretty colors will give the wedding theme some kind of a sweet appeal. Dust pink and soft mint are perfect choices. If you pick out a science-themed wedding, it probably means you want something simple and fuss-free. Definitely not on the bold flamboyant side. Simple yet elegant – these words embody a science-themed wedding.

Science Themed Wedding Centerpiece

For the wedding gown, go for the classic, sweetheart strapless gown — maybe with just some hints of lace or a few touches of beads. A wedding bouquet filled with simple flowers and succulents is perfect for the bride.

Science Themed Wedding Bouquet

Invitations to decors to wedding favors can go as DIYed as they can get. For table arrangements and seating chart, use periodic tables. Or give out an equation and the answer would be the guest’s table number. Oh, your non-geeky friends will probably hate you for this. But they will love you if you serve fizzy cocktail drinks generously in beakers – and use those beakers as your science-themed wedding favors. Find beakers, and flat-bottomed flasks, and conical flasks and use them as vases. Put some cute pink roses on them or some succulents – like rose shaped cacti. Or you can fill test tubes with colorful M&Ms or Smarties.

Science Themed Wedding Invitation

Serve really good meals – not something whipped up from a science lab, mind you. A hearty Italian meal is perfect. Don’t leave out on the cake, personalize it and go for something yummy and beautiful.

Science Themed Wedding Cake


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