Rose Themed Weddings
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Rose Themed Weddings

Roses are one of the best expressions and symbols of love that is why it is mostly used on celebrations of love like valentines and weddings. Because roses are pliable to any wedding decor, it is very ideal when used as theme for a wedding. The following are some the favorite ideas to make a rose wedding concept perfect.

Rose Themed Wedding Welcome Arch
Aside from the common role of flowers on weddings like bouquets and table centerpieces, they can be set as the main concept of a wedding. From the wedding gown of the bride, wedding invitations, wedding cake, decoration of the wedding ceremony and reception up to the smallest detail of giveaways, a dose of rose can be integrated to create a perfect rose themed wedding.

Rose Themed Wedding Centerpiece
The wedding gown and veil embroidered or sequenced with rose-shape designs adds a dramatic impression on the wedding dress of the bride and so with roses as hair decors for the bride and the bridesmaids. The wedding invitations and wedding cake can be decorated with roses too.

Rose Themed Wedding Cake
Wooden sculptured roses or soap sculptured roses are great idea for giveaways. In the wedding ceremony venue, some of the ideal inclusions of roses are the following—a rose pillow for the ring bearer and kneeling pad of the couple, a rose designed folder or envelop for the marriage contract, and candles carved with rose designs.

Rose Themed Wedding Decor
In the reception, an arc of roses in the entrance beckons a welcoming, romantic and heaven-scented ambiance for everyone. Aside from sprinkled petals of roses on the pathways, gift table, cake table, cocktail buckets or anywhere in the reception hall, lanterns made up of bunched together roses can be hanged to add other wedding favor. Rose napkins, rose candles, ribbon roses and rose stuffed balloons are some of the additional touch of rose themed ideas.

Rose Themed Wedding Favor


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