The most romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspirations
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The most romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspirations

There’s no time better than Valentine’s Day to tie the knot. One of the busiest days of the wedding industry, Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly rich in colors, merriment and of course, romance. If you’re one of the ultra-romantic couples who wants to get hitched on this exquisitely memorable occasion, read on to learn how you can very easily bring some sentimental Valentine’s Day touches to your wedding.

Valentines Day wedding altar decorations

An inspired hearts and flowers decor
As cliched as it sounds, a typical hearts and flowers decor will undoubtedly bring a deeply romantic touch to your special day, while drawing attention to the Valentine theme. However, there is a fine line between tacky and elegant so make sure that whatever decoration you choose to go for borders on tasteful instead of overdone.

Valentines Day wedding collage

For example, don’t hesitate to scatter a trail of red rose petals down a white-carpeted aisle: an extremely popular trend, the scattered petals will instantly take your wedding decor to the next level. But, if you strive to be different and something more original, why don’t go get your flower girl to scatter a trail of sequined or glittery red paper hearts instead of petals? If you’re going for a church wedding, bear in mind that the pews can be decorated in red satin bows. After all, red is the Valentine’s color by excellence, which is why it’s better to incorporate it as much as you can on your special day. A series of red candles or even a typical red heart behind the altar will undoubtedly complete your Valentine inspiration look.

Valentines Day wedding favors

Valentine favors and other touches
No wedding is complete without some elegant favors and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to wow your guests with some out of this world, exceedingly romantic favors. Think candied hearts, Hershey’s Kisses or even some half-hearts couple key chains for each couple.

Valentines Day wedding collage 2

And of course, it goes without saying that your wedding cake should also reflect the overall Valentine’s spirit of the day. Try to stick to a traditional white and red palette for a more striking look. A particularly elegant idea would be to go for an all-white cake with a single red heart as a cake topper, instead of the traditional bride and groom toppers. Don’t forget to add some Valentine’s touches to your wedding buffet as well: oysters, chocolate mousse along with some strawberries and cream are the perfect way to infuse a deeply romantic and sensual air to your big day.

Valentines Day wedding cake and drinks


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