Retro Wedding Hairstyles
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Retro Wedding Hairstyles

You finally have decided to go for a retro wedding. You are up for the Gatsby Glamour and you wouldn’t have a wedding less fancier than that. Have you decided on your bridal look yet? Are you done looking for the classy retro wedding hairstyle that will suit your vintage wedding theme and your bridal dress? If not, then don’t fret. Classy girls don’t panic. They keep calm and do some brainstorming. These samples could help you out.

With Classy Headband

Piled up High
The easiest way to achieve the retro glam look is to pile up your hair high. You can have it done in a sleek, no fringe way or you could opt to go for a side wavy fringe for a more seductive look. Make sure you use a bright red lippie for an intense look.

White blond with bow

Glam Curls
Even if you have this in-the-middle length of hair – not too long, not too short, you could still pin that retro wedding look. Have glam curls and side-swept curled bangs together. Think of Gwen Stefani for this inspiration. This is a playful look thus you could make use of textile bows.

Girl Putting on Lipstick

Backcombed Style
A popular way of doing retro hair is the backcombed style. This technique will volumize your hair, making it appear to be big. It’s a fast way of looking the part of a glamorous retro bride. The finish must be sleek and shiny. You could add a delicate floral hair band to soften up your look. Usually, backcombed style gives you a fierce opulent look.

Long Finger Waves

Long Finger Waves
If you aren’t fond of having buns and you would want to preserve your long, majestic hair for your wedding day, then you could go for the long finger waves. Have your hair curled loosely, but sleekly. Have 3 – 4 waves hit your hair. Embellish your hair with a glittery pin and finish with a matte burgundy lippie.

Hair Bob

Hair Bob with Headdress
If you’re sporting a short hair, then you couldn’t have any of those aforementioned updos. However, you could spice up everything by having the twenties bob. Let your hair down. Add some bangs. Choose a forehead band which complements your wedding dress. The Gatsby party looks are example for this – short, frilly, glittery dress and forehead bands.


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