Renewing the Vows: Saying I Do Again and Again
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Renewing the Vows: Saying I Do Again and Again

Who said that you cannot get married over and over again? With the same person whom you promised love and forever, every year is worth it because it is a tangible truth that love has no bounds and forever is every day.

Renewing your vows for each other and reaffirming the love that binds two people to stay strong despite crisis and chaos is a good consolation for the effort you both have exerted through the years. So it is only right to celebrate it and honor each other for faithfulness and togetherness.

Well, we can say that kids could bring about both hard core screw ups and pure joy but wearing the white dress once again can give us pride and esteem for ourselves.

They say that “love is expressed more in deeds than words” that it would be more solid if it is written down on paper and sealed. It really does not matter how many times you get married. Some would do it every 25 years, other on their golden anniversary while those who are filled with love it even goes out of their noses, celebrate the renewal of the vows like every 5 years.

Marriage is a union where both parties say their “I do” and give out a promise on that ceremony to love their spouse for as long as they live. The realization of that promises will create a strong bond between these people and the renewal of the vows will be a lovely occasion.


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