Rehearsal Dinner Checklist
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Rehearsal Dinner Checklist

To ease those jittery nerves, a rehearsal dinner is held. It is also a great avenue for your friends and families to bond and socialize before the main event. The planning and event flow would be greatly improved with the rehearsal dinner. It should be attended by the people who play the important roles. To make your wedding dinner a breeze, here is a checklist to guide you.


Available Venue
The most important thing to book is the venue. Make sure your reservation of the place have been confirmed months before.
Budget check
You might want to have an extravagant rehearsal dinner, but there are other things that you need to worry about – the actual wedding. Opt for a pizza party on your favorite pizza parlor or some brunch on the garden. The chief thing is you have gathered your family and closest friends for an intimate socialization.

Fruits and wine

Toast list
Keep people informed weeks before if they are going to be assigned to give the toast. You wouldn’t want to put somebody on the limelight without ample preparation.
Aside from toasts, you can have other entertainment such as a band or some games which would increase interaction between everybody. A little music and some dancing would already do. You need to rest early though for the wedding the next day.
Audiovisual equipment
Since there are entertainment and toasts, make sure that the venue can provide the audiovisual equipment that you need.


Invitations should be sent out weeks before so you could at least have weeks of preparation for some modifications. It is up to you if you would want to invite your out-of-town guests to your rehearsal dinner.

dining table

Seating plan
To ensure maximum interaction and social harmony, you may want to arrange a seating plan for your guests. You’ll know who among your friends can connect with your groom’s friends. Make your family get to know their soon-to-be family.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Thank you gifts
Of course, you would want to thank your bridesmaids and grooms’ men for their support all throughout the planning stage. Make your thank you known by giving them little thank you gifts.
Flowers light up a room so it is just lovely to have some flowers sit in a vase on your dinner table. It would make everything more romantic.
Transportation & Parking
Would you be the one providing the transportation for your guests? If not, can they bring their cars with them? Is there enough parking space for all of your cars? These are the things that you need to consider too.


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