A Red Christmas Wedding
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A Red Christmas Wedding

Do more than feel the Spirit of Christmas. Do more than listen to the church bells ringing. Make the Christmas season even more sacred and jolly by having a Christmas wedding. Take advantage of the fact that people are going home to their hometowns during this special time of the year. You wouldn’t have a hard time gathering all your families and friends for your wedding in this case!
What color could be more symbolic than red for Christmas? Paint the town red during your Christmas Wedding. It’ll be winterwonderland-y fabulous. Here’s how to nail it.

The Jollyish Invite
Spread the joy to your families and friends months early with your Christmas theme invite. Make sure that you give it a little early to them so that they could arrange their schedule and flights. You can have a simple card printed out for you or you could do your own DIY, complete with little red poinsettias if you wish.

Christmas Bridal Gown
The Magnificent Burgundy Gown
White may not make the cut for a Christmas wedding gown. Play up with the season by having a red wedding gown made for you. If red is a little too bright and non-modish to you, then you could always pick her darker sister, burgundy. Be as elegant as ever in this color. You can also play up with the texture and the gown’s cut.

Red Christmas Wedding Cake
Your Cheery Cake
When guests arrive on your wintery reception area, make sure they would take notice of your chic wedding cake trimmed up to the theme. Plucked-in poinsettias on a white frosting is a lovely idea. However, you don’t need to put around Christmas lights around your wedding cake to nail the leitmotif.

Christmas Bouquet
The Ultimate Christmas Bouquet
Let your wedding bouquet speak for itself. Choose the reddest roses and some white tail-like flowers as accents. Contrasting the dark flowers and the pristine white ones makes a majestic effect. To stand out, let your bridesmaids carry all-red ones. It would be equally elegant, but the bride needs to have that extra attention on her big day.

Christmas Wedding Details
Other Christmas-y Details
Now that the major elements have been identified, you can proceed with brainstorming about the little things. How to make them riveting in the Christmas scene wouldn’t be that difficult. Go with red dinnerware, hang some mistletoes, outline with LED lights… There’s a lot of features which spell Christmas, love.


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