The Rainbow Wedding Theme
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The Rainbow Wedding Theme

Weddings are one of the most special occasions in one’s life that is why couples who are getting married want this most treasured moment to be unique and one of its kind.There are numerous and great wedding themes that are continuously evolving to make weddings distinctive.Rainbow wedding theme is one of the exceptional ideas nowadays. It breaks the trend of typical single or double color motif wedding themes. Aside from the brightness it brings, rainbow theme symbolizes fun, cheerfulness and delight. Colors also reflect a personal identity on the couple. The following are some ideal tips on how to use a rainbow theme appropriately in a wedding.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Introductory Photo
The Wedding Dress. There is no need to break the traditional color of white wedding gowns. Just add a colorful accent of butterfly or flowers on the tail of the bridal gown to suit the rainbow theme. Peeping colorful layers underneath the dress will also do a number especially when the bride picks the skirt up when dancing.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Ceremony Decoration
The Bouquet. The bride’s bouquet can be a mix-match of flowers with rainbow color. And to match also with the bridesmaids dress, the bouquet of each bridesmaid can be with the same color of their dress.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Bouquet
The Shoes. The shoes of either the bridesmaids and groomsmen or godparents can also be a great detail of the rainbow color scheme of a wedding.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Bridal Shoes
The Centerpieces. The table centerpiece brings out a general outlook in the wedding reception. Table centerpieces can be one of the details appropriate enough to apply the rainbow color scheme. A rainbow color vase of flowers or fruits is one of the suggested centerpieces.
The Cake. The wedding cake is also one of the particulars in a wedding that is suitable to apply the rainbow theme. There are many ways on how to decorate the cake with the rainbow color scheme on the cake. Colorful icing of roses or candies can be used as toppings on the cake.

The Rainbow Wedding Theme Cake
The Ceremony and Reception Decor. The ceremony and reception venues are the two central facet of a wedding. There are various ways on how to apply the rainbow wedding theme on these venues. An arc of rainbow color balloons can be placed on the entrance of the wedding ceremony or reception venue. Hanging rainbow-colored lanterns will also brighten up the reception area.


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