Preparing your hair for the big day
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Preparing your hair for the big day

If you want your hairstyle to look its best for the big day, it’s crucial to start preparing your hair at least two weeks prior to your wedding. Too many brides make the huge mistake of assuming that their wedding hairstyle will automatically look perfect because it will be done by a professional hairdresser. The sad truth is, this is not always the case. Even if you hire the most talented hair stylist, there’s no guarantee that your hair will look its best if it’s lackluster, hence the importance of carefully preparing your pre-wedding hair. So, scroll down to learn how you can have the perfect hair for your wedding.

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Oil and Condition as much as you can
Nothing brings some extra shine and body to your pre-wedding hair than some intense conditioning. Try to condition at least three times per week but be sure to go for a high-quality product: your wedding is not the time to skimp on a few cents. If you often use curling or flat irons, try to go for heat-defense conditioners which will repair broken strands and make your hair absolutely perfect for the big day.

Hair oil

Oil treatments are also a huge must-have if you want to have shiny, bouncy hair for your wedding. Indeed, intense oiling will make your head much more supple and easier to manage, which guarantees you the perfect wedding hairstyle. A fantastic tip for the bride to be is to wrap a damp towel around her oiled hair to guarantee that the product penetrates each and every single strand. Don’t hesitate to consult a couple of hairdressers as well: they’ll be able to advise you on the best treatments for your hair type.

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Experiment with various wedding hairstyles
Don’t stick to one single hairstyle either. On the opposite, it’s highly recommended that brides to be experiment with several types of wedding hairstyles prior to walking down the aisle to make sure that you found the style that’s perfect for you. An excellent tip is to try various hairstyles while wearing your wedding hair and accessories: this will give you the best idea on how you’re going to look on the ultra-special day.

Wedding hairstyles

Bridal magazines and websites are also fabulous places to turn to for inspiration. If you’re unable to decide on a single hairstyle, why don’t you pick one for the actual ceremony and another style for the reception? After all, you do deserve to look your absolute best on this memorable day!

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