Post wedding celebrations to thank your guests
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Post wedding celebrations to thank your guests

There’s no question about it: your entourage certainly makes the entire wedding planning process much less strenuous. Indeed, bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually chosen on the basis of their relationship with the bride and groom because they are the ones who will support the happy couple every step of the way. This is why etiquette dictates that it’s considered good form to hold a small gathering or party after the wedding to thank your closest guests.

Bride and groom

Of course, the wedding reception is a chance to thank everyone while showing them how grateful you are for all their help. But, since it can be quite impersonal, it’s not a bad idea to host a post-wedding celebration to thank a few select friends and relatives. A personalized gift for each of them is a nice start, but the new trend nowadays is to invite your most special friends to a small post-wedding gathering where everyone can finally have a chance to put their feet up, relax and talk about the celebrations.

Wedding reception

Since you’ll probably be exhausted in the days after the wedding, be sure to stick to a simple gathering. For example, if you’re honeymooning at a hotel, why don’t you invite your maid of honor and best man over for a post wedding brunch? Casual, albeit elegant, a hotel brunch will not only display your gratitude towards these important people in your life, but it will also provide you with a cozy environment where you can reminiscence about the wedding. If you want, don’t hesitate to ask your parents and in-laws to drop by for brunch as well.

Post wedding brunch at hotel

Another relaxed post wedding celebration that won’t strain you out is taking your closest friends and relatives out for a casual picnic in the great outdoors. Indeed, if it’s spring or summer, don’t hesitate to make the most out of the weather by taking the bridal party to lunch on the beach or next to a lake. Remember to keep things casual by packing light fares such as salads and cold cuts. To really show your appreciation for their help, make it clear that none of your picnic guests will have to contribute anything because you will take care of everything.

Casual picnic among closest friends and relatives

If you can afford to splurge and if you want to do something extra special for everyone who’s been by your side during the entire wedding, think about taking all of them out to dinner in an elegant restaurant. The posh setting, the soothing atmosphere and the glamorous air will be more than enough to show these special people that you do recognize everything they’ve done for you.

Taking your bridesmaids and groomsmen out for an elegant dinner


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