Polka Dots and Stripes Kind of Wedding
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Polka Dots and Stripes Kind of Wedding

Feeling playful and vibrant? Display these charming traits of yours on your wedding day. Mix in the unconventional patterns – polka dots and stripes. Yes, it is entirely possible without looking like you just came from a circus performance. To know how to make that subtle fusion turn into an awesome theme, here are a few tips.

Dots and Stripes Wedding Cake

Pick out a mood
If you already set out your heart to have a polka dots and stripes kind of wedding, you need to pick out a specific mood for it – sort of like a subtheme. You can have the Sweet and Romantic kind or you could actually go for the classy one. For the sweet and romantic, you may need to settle with pastel colors. For the classy one, you could pick out black and white as the base colors and you could throw in a metallic shade with that. After picking out the mood, you could already plan out the specifics of your wedding. This should be done to make the overall feel of your wedding coherent. Just a reminder though: keep the colors limited to four at most.

Dots and Stripes wedding table

Apply the theme on the little things
Now that you have the mood, you could already plan for the wedding details. You could have the dots and stripes printed over napkins, paper origami, the guest book and of course, the invitation. You could even buy dotted or striped paper straws for your beverages. For the bouquets you could have spherical flower balls with two colors, imitating dots and you could tie them using striped ribbons. Of course, don’t forget the wedding cake! Alternate the dots and stripes design on each layer and you’ll have yourself a fun wedding cake.

Dots and Stripes Shoes and Napkins

Try it on the gowns and suits.
You can also extend the theme to the wedding attire. The men and the boys got to wear stripes and the women and the girls get to wear polka dots. Men can just wear striped polos and they’re good to go. As for the women, there are lots of adorable dotted dresses out there. You can even have a polka dot design on your bridal gown! With the right textile choice, you could pull off that dainty and exciting look.

Dots and Stripes on Him and HerDotted Bride


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