Polka Dots Flower Girl Dresses
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Polka Dots Flower Girl Dresses

If traditional isn’t your choice, you can go for modern mod fashion for the little girls. Polka dots may be vintage, but with they are not commonly used as flower girl dresses. Normalcy dictates that polka dot dresses are Sunday dresses not fit for a wedding. Be bold and take the dots. You’ll see how those mini bridesmaids will astound the wedding crowd.
Sassy and Simple
A yellow and white polka dot dress is like a ray of sunshine. It’s cute and sassy, perfect for rustic weddings. The simplicity of the attire plus the angelic aura of the girls is just a perfect combination. Make sure though that the flowers that they’re going to carry ain’t yellow or else everything will become redundant and refinement will be lost.

Asymmetrical Grey Polka Dot Dress

Elegantly Dotted
Glitters and studs on the tulle netting of the dress is stylish too. The asymmetrical cut adds more urbanity into the already chic dress. To tone down things a bit, a monochromatic and silky textile would be preferred.

Pink and white Polka Dots

Little Audrey
Tiny black dots on a pristine white dress spell charming elegance, even for the little ones. A wide black belt would be a subtle accessory to the dress. They’ll all be looking like little Audrey Hepburns in no time. To make them look even more adorable, opt for a bulging top hairdo. It’ll be the final oomph of the entire ensemble.

Classic Black and White Polka Dot Dress

Chic Large Circles
In contrast, huge, closely-spaced black circles which are neatly patterned on white dress are equally endearing. Pop out some color through the belt. Choose a bright one like hot pink or green. That will break the monotony of the dots and bring a splash of excitement in the outfit instead.

Big Polka dots

Half Polka
If you don’t wanna go all polka, you can always limit the dots on either of the following: belts and tops. The bottom could be a tutu skirt. Be creative. For instance, a navy blue and white polka dot halter top paired with a long flowing white maxi skirt is a delightful choice for your flower girls attending your beach wedding.

Yellow polka dot dress

Dainty Dots
If you’re vying for a whimsically romantic look, then pale pink and white polka dot dresses is the ultimate way to nail the look. Add a bow-tied ruffled belt and cuteness overload is just around the corner. Don’t forget the floral crowns, the polka dotted leggings and the cute little doll shoes.


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