Plaid Weddings
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Plaid Weddings

Weddings almost always have pink and glitters and silky dresses. Weddings always have fondant flowery cakes or cakes with fresh fruits. Weddings always have lace things and other lovely things. But, how many weddings have you been to that have featured plaid as their theme? Plaid weddings are truly unique. Adopt the theme and be one of the few who braved this theme. Challenging, it may seem, but once you got into it, you can think of elegant ways on how to incorporate plaid into your wedding. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plaid Wedding INvites

On the Invites
It’s easy to add some plaid into your wedding. Pick out a color theme and a plaid paper as an accent to the invite. A few tricky typography and some minimalistic design are ideal for this type of invite. It will tone down the plaid accent. You don’t want to have many things going on in the invitation cards.

Plaid Menu

On the Menu
The menu can be instantly classic with a plaid accent on the sides. Like in the invitation, balance out the plaid with a simple font in monochromatic color. You can choose to have a square invite and have the plaid placed on the edges or just on the top and bottom part of the paper menu.

Cake with Plaid Accent

On the Wedding Cake
Fondant cakes are darn expensive, but they are a quick way of achieving cake sophistication so a lot of couples ship fondant icing. To keep the fondant icing on a minimum, you can ask your pastry chef to just build a plain fondant cake and cover up the sides with a plaid cloth. Add some flowers on top and viola – you have yourself an instant plaid cake.
On the Art Decors
Go creative on the art deco. Stitch on plaid hearts. Fold plaid napkins in creative origami. Make a plaid wedding garter. Create your own plaid wedding topper. Tie a plaid cloth around bottle candle holders.

men can wear plaid ties

On Your Bridal Entourage
Men can wear plaid ties and women can wear plaid shoes. Just pick ones which match the dresses and the theme of your wedding.

The Bride in Plaid

Yes, Even On your Wedding Gown
Brides who go for country weddings can even wear plaid tops with their ruffled bridal skirt. It’ll be charming and alluring and with all that country charisma. You can opt to tie around the waist for a clean clothing division and end with a huge bow at the back.


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