How to have your perfect “Something Blue” wedding
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How to have your perfect “Something Blue” wedding

“Something old, something borrowed, something new, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe”
While this age-old adage is gradually losing its importance in the face of contemporary and sophisticated weddings, many brides still religiously adhere to the everlasting “something blue”, which according to many, is bound to bring prosperity and good luck to the newlyweds. So, what better way to enhance your “something blue” than to go for a blue wedding theme?

Bridesmaids in blue dresses
Don’t panic: going for a blue-themed wedding is much easier than it sounds and besides, it can be even more tasteful and elegant than traditional white weddings. The only rule to follow is not to go overboard. Indeed, don’t get carried away and drown your guests in violent splashes of restless blue. Instead, it’s always a good idea to break it up and create creative combinations of blue and other colours that complements this particular hue. For example, blue bridesmaids dresses are going to stand out even more if you dress the maid of honour in orange, yellow, brown or pink.

Blue Orchid Wedding Cake
Another way to incorporate a blue theme in your wedding day is to go for an aquamarine-tinted wedding cake. If you want, you can go for an all-blue cake, but by the same token, don’t hesitate to break it up by adding some white and yellow sugared roses. Alternatively, you can ask your baker to create a several-tiered cake with a different shade of blue for each tier. An ombre look would also look quite magnificent on a wedding cake.

blue wedding dress
If you’re the type of ultra-contemporary and sophisticated bride who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and explore new fashion avenues, why don’t you go for a royal blue wedding gown? This can be quite a striking look, especially if paired with a diamond and pearl tiara and matching earrings. Ladies who want a more toned down look, however, can go for the traditional white frock but with a dark blue dress tail to complete the look. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to incorporate other blue touches in the likes of a blue sapphire hair comb, deep blue shoes or blue jewellery and accessories.

Blue wedding shoes
Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if the groom would wear a dark blue tie or even a blue tux as well. Blue bridesmaids dresses are also extremely popular in these aptly-themed weddings. In fact, a particularly nice look would be to dress the bridesmaids in satin blue dresses with clashing accessories such as sunshine yellow earrings and the likes. The couple can even opt for turquoise organza for the wedding flavours and blue cocktails for the wedding toast. A blue wedding invitation will also be a classy and original touch to the overall wedding.

Blue wedding invitations



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