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Decorating ideas for a Yellow theme wedding

Sunny, fun and light-hearted yellow is the summery hue by default. Indeed, very few colors inspire such cheer and merriment, which is probably why it’s such a popular color for weddings. In fact, some cultures even consider yellow to be a representative of luck and wealth. In India, for example, brides are often decked up in shimmery yellow saris for a pre-wedding purification ceremony on the eve of the ceremony.

Spring Yellow Fever

On the flip side, however, too much yellow can end up looking like Tweedy bird exploded all over the place. It’s important to create a homogenous look and make sure to balance this particular hue with other matching colors. So, if you have decided to go for a yellow-theme wedding, it’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with a few decorating ideas that will help you strike the right balance, without overdoing it.

Decorating the wedding cake

For example, too many couples make the mistake of going for an all-yellow cake with even more yellow decorations thrust upon it. The final result is very rarely attractive: in fact, all this yellow ends up looking tacky and gaudy, rather than elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, to enhance your yellow theme wedding decor, it’s best to go for a plain white or turquoise cake and add a few yellow decorations around the cake. Less is definitely more in this case and you can be sure that the yellow decorations are going to stand out more and be much more noticeable against a contrasting backdrops. Large sugared yellow flowers placed over a white cake, for instance, will never fail to make quite a striking impression.

Yellow wedding drink

Another subtle way to add a touch of yellow to your wedding decor is to go for yellow-tinted food or drinks. In this case, you usually have two options: either go for natural yellow dishes or place some lemon wedges around the buffet table, or, don’t hesitate to add a few drops of yellow food coloring to your cocktails. Alternatively, to complement the yellow decor, you may even hang several strings of fairy lights right behind the buffet table.

Fairy light backdrop to complement a yellow decor

The easiest and most noticeable way to enrich a yellow-theme wedding, however, is by creating a makeshift platform seating area where the bride and groom can sit after the ceremony. In this case, be sure to adopt a few contrasting colors that will enhance your primary hue. Lime green, purple, silver or even black are great colors that work superbly with yellow.

Yellow and green seating area for bride and groom


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Fall wedding buffet

One of the easiest themes to pull off, a fall themed wedding is, without doubt, filled with the special type of coziness and merriment that only the withering autumn leaves can bring. With the alluring scent of Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s no wonder that everyone is in a celebratory mood, hence resulting in quite a spike of ‘Save the Dates’ during this highly poetic season.

Fall wedding

Best of all, this season provides you with one of the easiest catering options. Indeed, fall wedding buffets are practically brimming with an array of homely and highly cozy dishes that will make just about any guest feel welcome and at home. The first rule of the thumb, however, is to avoid any of the typical wedding meals. Filo pastries, tartlets, light cucumber sandwiches and other such finger wedding food are absolute No’s for your fall wedding buffet. Instead, you should stick to heartier meals that will reflect the overall fall mood and spirit.

Serving pumpkin pie as dessert

Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to stick to the traditional Thanksgiving feast for your wedding reception- even if you do happen to be weeks away from Thanksgiving. This will instantly put your guests into a merry mood, hence taking the fun factor up by another notch. Think golden, crackling roast chicken or turkey, yams, mashed potatoes and cranberry dressing. Otherwise, you might even go for the traditional roasted honey and clove turkey alongside jacket potatoes and a nice coleslaw. These dishes will look particularly wonderful on your buffet table if you’re having a rustic or vintage wedding.

Filling and hearty dishes

Dessert-wise, there certainly won’t be a lack of options for you to choose from. Slices of pumpkin or sweet potato pies will bring a pronounced fall theme to your wedding reception. To make your guests feel even more special, consider placing a pumpkin-flavored lollipop next to each table card. Don’t neglect the importance of a properly-themed decor either: this will bring a pronounced fall feel to your buffet table, even if you don’t go for the traditional meals.

Pumpkin flavored sweets

Small pumpkins, dried fall leaves and other such ornaments can be placed all over the buffet table for some added panache. If you can’t find such ornaments, fret not. You can very easily dress up your buffet table in some fall-related color palette. Orange, brown and cream napkins and matching tablecloths will largely draw attention to the overall theme of the day.

Fall wedding decoration


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A touch of freshness for your summer wedding

Summer’s definitely the time when the flowers bloom, the birds chirp and everyone strolls out to enjoy the Great Outdoors. This is also one of the most popular seasons for weddings. Indeed, summer brings with it a sort of poetic joy and sense of contentment which no other season can bring.

Summer wedding collage

However, the downside is that summer also rhymes with sweat. This is why it’s extremely important to take your guests’ comfort into consideration and add a pronounced touch of freshness to your summer wedding. After all, you want them to enjoy the ceremony and not melt into a puddle while you’re saying the vows. So, be sure to provide a lively summer wedding buffet which you can decorate with colorful touches and accents. Your buffet can contain a variety of light dishes and snacks such as garden salads, smoked fish, cookies, chicken salad and the likes.

Lively summer wedding buffet

As far as the dessert goes, steer clear from overly heavy and creamy dishes which will bring an uncomfortable overly full sensation to your guests. In fact, if you want to take the freshness factor up a notch, consider going for cooler treats such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, or even maybe some shaved ice. The caterers can take the cool desserts out of the kitchen in several batches to keep it from melting. If you’re not comfortable with these desserts, why not go for flans, chilled chocolate brownies or even cold chocolate mousse.

Serving shaved ice at the reception

Bear in mind that alcoholic beverages tend to provide a slight warming effect as it goes down. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t serve wines, champagnes or liqueurs at the reception, but, it’s also a great idea to provide your guests with several types of non-alcoholic drinks that will keep them cool and fresh. Mint coolers, virgin coladas, milkshakes or even virgin mojitos are fantastic options for your teetotal drink list.

refreshing non alcoholic beverages

To take things up by another notch, be sure to place some self-serve juice bars all around the reception area. If you’re holding your wedding during tea-time, why not serve some iced Frappuccino, iced coffee or maybe a tall glass of perfectly chilled ice tea to your guests? Don’t neglect the buckets of ice cubes either: to really make an impression, you may even freeze some cubes of juice which will add extra flavor to the drinks. If you’re having an outdoors summer wedding, it’s also important to provide several bottles of mineral water for anyone who gets dehydrated.

outdoor summer wedding


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The basics of wedding transportation

Planning your wedding transportation is never a boring task. In fact, it can even be considered as one of the most entertaining and stress-free aspect of the entire planning process. So, whether you want to go for a stretch limo or antique car, read on to learn the basics of wedding transportation.

Wedding limo

White or Black stretch limousines are the bridal transportations by excellence. Exquisitely elegant, tasteful and sophisticated, these cars are bound to make a stunning impression as you arrive at your wedding venue. In fact, limo packages even offer other services such as decoration and a glass of champagne for the bride and the groom to clink after the ceremony.

Wedding carriage

The good thing about limos is that you’ll have enough space for a couple of your close friends or relatives. The bad thing: they can be quite pricey and you’ll have to book it quite a few months in advance.

Vintage wedding car

Another expensive but just as elegant option is to hire or borrow a vintage car for your wedding. This is definitely the sort of car which will not only look spectacular in pictures, but, it will also add a lovely rustic charm to your special day. If you’re getting a vintage car, try to avoid over-decorating it so as not to distract from the antique-like impact.

Walking bridal procession

Of course, if you live close to the church or your wedding venue, you may even hold a walking bridal procession. In this case, however, be sure to pay close attention to the wedding forecast: you definitely don’t want to walk to the venue if it’s about to rain or snow. If it’s too sunny, don’t neglect to take a nice lace umbrella to protect yourself. A nice touch would be to have ushers or waiters walk with the bridal party and hand over cool drinks to the guests during the procession.

Bride arriving by boat

If you’re lucky enough to get married next to the sea or river, don’t hesitate to arrive by boat while your groom waits for you on shore. Ultra-romantic couples may even consider a horse-drawn carriage to drive them to and from their wedding venues. For an ultra-dreamy touch, try to find a rounded, fairytale-like carriage that will make you look like Cinderella at the ball. These can be quite expensive too- sometimes even more than limos- so, if you’re on a restricted budget, consider hiring it just for the going-away part.



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Weddings usually require months- if not a year- of careful planning and preparation. Every tiny detail must be planned such as the cake, the guest list, the seating arrangement down to the bridal march music, among others. In fact, the bride herself can take up to five months before finding the perfect dress, shoes, veils and other accessories to match. Indeed, holding a wedding is no petty thing and definitely not suited for the faint-hearted!

Civil ceremony

There have been instances, however, where the couple jointly agreed on an ultra-short engagement followed by the ceremony. Or, maybe neither one of you expected to fall in love so soon and now you’re both roaring to get married. Do you wait a year to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams or do you throw caution to the wind and plan a last minute wedding?

Small wedding reception

The answer is: there’s absolutely no reason why couples can’t go for a last minute ceremony. In fact, if you don’t stand on tradition and if you don’t mind making just a few concessions, planning a last minute wedding can actually be a fun thing to do. Not only is easier than you think but it’ll definitely save you months and months of constant stressing and worrying. For starters, it’s recommended to drastically reduce the number of people you were planning on inviting to the ceremony. Fewer guests mean fewer people to entertain which in the end, promises an easy, hassle-free wedding and reception.

Simple wedding buffet

And then of course, there’s the wedding buffet. Most caterers do ask for a few months’ notice, but, if you only stick to your close friends and relatives, you won’t have so many people to feed, which means that family members can get together and easily whip up a few delicacies for a delicious albeit simple wedding buffet. In this case, be sure to cover the costs for the ingredients and either pay or hand each person a gift to show your appreciation.

Casual wedding dress

As far as the dress goes, don’t hesitate to save one or two full days of constant dress-shopping. This is not only help you save up on precious time but, you’ll also be able to cram more wedding planning into fewer days. Alternatively, consider donning a casual dress for your last-minute wedding. A pretty white or ivory frock that you already have might just do the trick, especially if you aren’t fussy about the entire wedding dress thing.

Vegas wedding cake

As far as the ceremony go, you have three choices: Go for a traditional ceremony, complete with priest, groomsmen and bridesmaids, fly to Las Vegas or simply have a civil wedding with a more lavish reception afterwards.


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Top Wedding questions you should ask

Amidst the excitement and stress of planning the wedding and reception, it’s much too easy to ignore smaller details, which ends up resulting in a few tiny, albeit consequent, niggles that can dampen your big day. If you’re hiring a wedding planner, you can be sure that he or she will help you with the most important elements. However, there certainly are some minor details which you should absolutely take into consideration prior to the big day.

Wedding ceremonyWhile several couples fuss over the seating arrangement for the reception, it’s also important to decide beforehand where you want your guests to sit during the actual ceremony. Some may decide to separate the aisles into His and Hers side, but, a new, emerging trend is to allow both sides of the family to mingle and sit with each other.

Guests seating arrangementThe wedding veil, for instance, is another top wedding question that you should ask, preferably to women who have been previously married before. Several brides don’t even bother asking what to do about the veil until they find themselves become all hot and itchy after the ceremony. Fact is, the veil can get into your face during the first dance. This is why it’s important to establish in advance whether you want to remove the veil right after the ceremony or right before the reception. For convenience’s sake, some brides take the veil off after the ceremony and put it back on to take pictures.

Bride keeping veil on for picturesAnother question that many brides neglect to ask is whether they should remove their engagement rings before walking down the aisle. You will be having another ring on the same finger in a mere few minutes. So, should you remove your diamond or keep it on? It is, after all, tradition to for your most important ring to be lower down your finger. Hence, you may either hand your engagement ring to the bridesmaids for safekeeping until after the ceremony, or, if you don’t care about symbolism, you may even wear your wedding ring right above the diamond.

Exchanging ringsYou should also decide how you want to greet the guests at the reception. It’s quite important to decide this point beforehand because everyone at the reception will want to talk to you, which can get quite overwhelming. Thus, the bride and groom can either walk around tables to mingle with guests or choose to host a receiving line.

Mingling with guests at reception


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The shortest celebrity weddings

Hollywood is notorious for its grand wedding ceremonies followed by ultra-rapid breakups. Indeed, while there definitely are some celebrity weddings that withstood the test of time, several of them ended up getting married on a whim, on a drunk night out or simply to push themselves into the glare of media attention.
So, read on to discover the shortest celebrity weddings in Hollywood.
Hollywood Sign Begins Month-Long Makeover

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
The one who trumps them all: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had an overly-lavish, tackily extravagant affair that started with grand pomp and ceremony. Desperate for her version of a fairytale ceremony, Kim Kardashian went all the way with a poufy wedding dress, headgear and of course, her Prince Charming, Kris Humphries. The only tiny niggle is that no more than seventy-two days into the wedding, Kim suddenly decided that she was no longer in love with her new husband and filed for divorce. The separation took quite a few months and much more media attention before the two of them became single again.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd
Not an unfamiliar figure down the aisle, Jennifer Lopez is quite accustomed to the whole wedding scenario, having been married quite a few times herself. So, it didn’t come as a surprise that the two of them decided to get divorce two hundred and eighteen days after tying the knot. The good news is that, according to rumors, they managed to remain friends after the separation, which, in Hollywood, is always a good sign.

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock
Another celeb who is quite used to the wedding altar, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock pledged their undying love to each other on a lavish yacht party following the ceremony. For some reason, fans and media alike thought that it would work this time. Maybe it was the overt displays of torrid affections. Maybe it was the way he so gallantly carried her onboard. But, somewhere along the way, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock decided they weren’t meant for each other and filed for divorce after three months. The bad news? They still hate each other.

Pamela Anderson

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander
One of the shortest-if not the very shortest- marriages in Hollywood, Britney Spears’ and Jason Alexander’s wedding apparently occurred on a drunk night out. The two of them have been friends since childhood and for some unfathomable reason, they suddenly decided to take things to the next level by going for a Vegas wedding. The bride wore white- a white top that is- and blue jeans to mimic her fiancé’s pants of choice. Sadly enough, they split up after a mere fifty-five hours of domestic bliss.

Britney Spears


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Dress options for a beach wedding

In terms of romance, nothing can ever beat a dreamy beach wedding, complete with the dusty white sand, soft sloshing of the waves and cool sea breeze fanning your hair. With its picturesque and fairytale-like setting, it’s certainly not a surprise that beach weddings have been soaring in popularity during these past few years. In fact, compared to other wedding themes, this one is extremely easy to pick off and definitely on the less expensive side: after all, there’s no need to invest in pricey decorations since nature already took care of everything!

Beach wedding

One main concern, however, are the various dress options for a beach wedding. While indoors weddings allow you to wear whatever you want without a second thought, beach weddings can be just a tad complicated in that department because there are quite a few factors to take into consideration: for example, you have to consider whether you’re amendable to soiling the hem of your long dress with sand and sea water. Don’t forget about the infamous sea breeze as well: one gust and your hem can billow up in quite an undignified manner.

Regular wedding dress

So, having taken all these points into consideration, it’s time for you to decide which dress you’ll don to glide down a sandy aisle. Bear in mind that the dress of your choice should first inspire comfort- no matter what style it is. Some traditional brides, for example, feel much better in a classic long white dress, even with the risk of spoiling the hem. That’s not such a bad choice in fact, because it will bring quite a romantic and authentic feel to your special day.

Swimsuit and sarong for wedding

On the other hand, if you’re more of a casual person and couldn’t care less about traditions, consider going for a regular beach outfit, even if it’s on the unconventional side. A swimsuit and sarong, for example, can actually be quite a fun dress option for a beach wedding. By the same token, don’t hesitate to ask your groom to slip into a casual attire as well. A pair of loose slacks or Bermuda, coupled with a loose shirt will definitely complement your casual wedding look.

Bride in calf length dressGroom in casual clothes

Brides who do want a traditional look, but without ruining the hem, can of course go for calf-length wedding dresses. These usually bear the same designs as traditional dresses but with a shorter hem. And of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for a short white dress either. In fact, to avoid all the mishaps that come with the sea breeze, why don’t you go for a straight dress which is guaranteed not to billow up?

Short straight white dress


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Romantic New York locations for your destination weddings

New York. City of passion, excitement, sophistication and everything’s that glamorous and cutting edge. It is said that New York changes an individual’s mindset forever, something which can explain the incessant wedding flocks to the Big Apple. Indeed, while several people content themselves with flying to the beach to tie the knot, more daring individuals choose to go for a New York Destination wedding instead.

New York wedding

The good news is, New York is positively brimming with endless wedding venues that can very easily accommodate your own personal needs, budget, as well as the size of your bridal party. Here are just a few of the most romantic New York locations for your destination wedding.

New York wedding 2

The Central Park Boathouse, for example, is definitely the location that will please just about any romantic couple. Imagine the lush lull of the river serenading you as you walk down the aisle and towards your awaiting groom. This venue is best suited to couples who are looking for something airy, elegant but not overly formal. For a dreamier setting, you may even hire a boat to carry you to the venue while your groom awaits you on shore.

Central Park Boathouse

Couples who are looking for something more elegant can also book the ornately decorated Gotham Hall. Definitely suited to individuals who aren’t on a restricted budget, this hall is the type of venue which will help you feel like some kind of fairytale princess who’s getting married in an exceptionally luxurious castle. However, since this is one of the most popular wedding spots in New York, it’s recommended to book this hall several months in advance. This place also offers several package options that caters to your meals, decorations and even bands. There are quite a lot of packages to choose some, which means that you’ll most certainly find something that suits your budget.

Gotham Hall

If you’re more of an intellectual and if academics are your passion, you’ll definitely be glad to learn that New York City offers an array of age-old, stunningly furnished libraries that will be glad to accommodate your wedding. Indeed, there’s nothing more romantic than tying the knot surrounded by the greatest love books of all time. However, if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, be sure to check out the City’s internationally renowned botanical garden. With its stunning glass dome, lush greenery, rare plants and flowers, the botanical garden is definitely the type of venue that will complement a cozy outdoors wedding.

Botanical garden



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The essentials for a successful Bohemian Celtic wedding

With the numerous similarities between the Bohemian and Celtic cultures, it should come as no surprise that more and more couples are opting for a Bohemian-Celtic theme for their special day. This is particularly suited to exotic, free-spirit couples who would like to have more freedom in planning every single step of their wedding. Boho-Celt unions certainly represent everything that’s fun and natural.

Boho Celtic wedding

To hold a successful Bohemian-Celtic wedding, it’s quite important to select the adequate location. A library or a lavishly furnished space will certainly not do the trick here. Bohos and Celts are all about nature and natural touches, which is why it’s best to host the actual ceremony outdoors, even if you’re renting a hall for the reception. Think large green spaces such as parks, botanical gardens or maybe even a wide, spacious backyard. An extremely romantic touch would be to get married right in the middle of a lavender or flower field- two locations that will provide absolutely stunning backdrops in pictures. Try to look into vineyards as well: these usually offer special wedding packages that are tailored to your budget and personal needs.

Natural location for Boho Celtic wedding

Also, it wouldn’t be a Bohemian-Celtic wedding without the proper outfits. Long, billowy dresses made of lace or gauze will beautify just about any Boho-Celt bride. Bear in mind that gauzes and laces should remain the fabric of your choice and this is the time when you have to give the traditional satins, cottons or taffetas a miss. Don’t hesitate to go for lacey accessories such as a lace crown, chocker necklace or even a handcrafted lace crown to complement your exotic look. As far as the wedding cake goes, the sky’s the limit. You may either go for a typical white wedding cake or opt for one in the form of the traditional Celtic knot. If you really want to be different, however, think about skipping the wedding cake in favor of something more exotic like a flan?

Lots of lace for a boho-celt atmosphere

Since Bohos and Celts have a special affinity with nature, it’s not a bad idea to include a few green touches to your outfits as well. And of course, there’s no reason why you should don typical wedding attires. The entire point of this theme is to dare to be different, something which both the bride and groom should embrace. Scents are also going to play a huge role in your Bohemian-Celtic wedding, which is why you should also invest in pumpkin, honey, molasses, chocolate or even coffee-scented candles to scatter around the reception area.

Unconventional wedding outfits for Boho-Celtic weddingHeadpiece and bouquet for boho-celt bride


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