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How to liven up a white wedding

It is common knowledge that all-white themes automatically bring this special charm, pure and calm feeling to any room. And with white bring the most popular choice for wedding dresses, it should come as no surprise that this particular hue is always increasing in popularity, especially when it comes to wedding decorations and backdrops. After all, this is the color that symbolizes serenity, purity and everything that’s good in the world.

Outdoors white and yellow decor

As stunning as an all-white wedding decor can be, though, an avalanche of white might end up looking like something out of a child’s Christmas cartoon. It is important to properly work with this color to make sure that nothing gets thrown out of balance.  A white wedding may also look quite plain and overly simple if not properly executed, which is why it’s quite important for the couple to liven up the decor.

Fairy lights to vamp up a white decor

However, a common mistake that most couples make when trying to vamp up a white wedding is adding too many splashes of color to the overall decor. Indeed, there’s no point in establishing an all-white theme if you’re going to indulge in a colorful palette. That being said, though, it’s not a bad idea to include a few dashes of color to your white setting.  For example, gold is a perfect complement to white, which is why you should think about adding some gold touches to the reception. White tablecloths with gold napkins, for instance, will certainly provide a deeply sophisticated look.

Adding some touches of gold

Don’t underestimate the importance of fairy-lights as well. These lights do not only reflect off pale surfaces, but, they will also draw attention to your white theme. This will look particularly dramatic if infused in an outdoors wedding, especially if you’re getting married next to the sea. Yellow and white is another fantastic combination for outdoors weddings. As far as the bride goes, she may either go for an entirely white dress or, liven things up a bit by selecting an ivory one. Another option would be to select a dress with a white bodice that flows glamorously into a full ivory skirt.

Wedding dress with with ivory skirt

One of the easiest ways to vamp up a white wedding decor is through the flowers. Whether it’s the bridal bouquets or the small springs of flowers that bridesmaids usually carry, keep in mind that an all-white arrangement does hover on the wrong side of boring. To take things up by another notch, be sure to tuck in just a few tiny springs of green or yellow flowers to the white bouquet.

White wedding flowers enhanced by yellow flowers


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Unique locations for a winter wedding

There’s no denying it: winter weddings are absolutely stunning in terms of backgrounds and settings. After all, the snow, the rain and the overall dark, misty atmosphere that comes with winter are undeniably romantic, which maybe accounts for the fact that weddings usually escalate during winter time. Whether you choose a typical winter wonderland theme or a wilder one amidst the snow and the cold, you can be sure that you’re in for a treat.

winter wedding

The one important thing, however, is to select the perfect location that will do justice to your winter wedding. It would be entirely pointless to throw a fantastic winter-themed wedding in a shoddy-looking venue. On a more positive note, however, there certainly isn’t a lack of winter wedding locations that’s bound to suit both your budget and your personal needs. If you want a Destination ceremony, for example, don’t hesitate to check out places such as Lapland.

Wedding venue in lapland

The winter destination by excellence, Lapland is home to one of the most stunning wedding venues in the world. Whether you want to rent an expensive chalet or a more affordable hall, you can be sure that Lapland will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Several companies even offer special wedding packages that cover everything from the seating arrangements to the catering and even the band. However, it is extremely important to book these places in advance because they’re always in high demand. Couples who can’t afford to spend too much might even rent a venue and book a dinner package in a nearby restaurant for the after-party.

Ice sculpture wedding buffet at Lapland venue

If you can afford it, some high-end winter weddings venue- such as Lapland, Greenland or even Iceland- are happy to offer a few perks such as an ice sculpture buffet table to take your overall decor up to the next level. Speaking of Greenland, few people are aware of it, but, it’s entirely possible to get married at the very edge of a glacier. Perfect for adventurous couples, glacier weddings are entirely safe and usually accompanied by highly experienced tour guides.

Glacier wedding

Some companies even offer special packages that will allow couples to get married under the glowing Northern lights. Yes, you do have to fly yourselves and the entire bridal party up North for that, but honestly, it’s completely worth it. If you’re on a restricted budget, however, you may simply set up a small gazebo in a snow, decorate it with some dried flowers and fairy-lights and you’ve got yourself the coziest, homeliest winter wedding venue ever!

Wedding under gazebo in the snow


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Romantic ideas for a military theme wedding

While all weddings are poignant, military ones are doubly so, particularly because of the long separations and trials that military couples will have to endure. Indeed, being at the service of the nation is not always the easiest task. Husbands or wives have to stay away from their families for extended amount of times, which severely affect both parties. A tiny touch of nostalgia is nearly always present at military themed weddings, which make the ceremonies even more special.

Military wedding

Hence, it’s quite important to make sure that the ceremony is as meaningful and romantic as possible. For starters, since this is a military wedding, you may want to infuse a deeply patriotic feel to the day. To achieve this, you can, for example, ask your baker to decorate your cake in the colors of your national flag, or maybe even in the Marine Corps color and flag. And of course, no patriotic cake would be complete without a military cake topper. The good news is that these toppers are readily available, both online and in bridal stores or cake shops. Best of all, you can be sure to find a captain, cadet, marine or even lieutenant topper alongside a romantic representative of the bride.

Military cake topper

Brides who don’t care about traditions may even don for a camouflage military-print wedding dress as a nod to their groom’s profession. Since these may be quite hard to find in traditional bridal stores, don’t hesitate to run a couple of quick searches online. Another alternative would be to have a custom-made camouflage wedding dress. A more toned-down option for it is to go for a classical white dress with a camouflage hem or neckline.

Camouflage military wedding dress

Certain members of the army are officiated to perform weddings, so, don’t hesitate to ask one of them to don a full uniform and marry you. This will bring a pronounced military feel to your special day. But, if you’re more of a church wedding person, fret not. All you have to do is stick to the brown, green, black and white color palette that are usually present at military theme weddings. To achieve this romantic look, be sure to play on flowers, ribbons or scraps of lace and gauze which you can nestle in the bride’s bouquet.

Getting married by a member of the armyMarine Corps Ball cake

To enhance the poignancy of the overall day, try to write your own vows. Be sure to express everything you’d like to say to your spouse and what every moment of having him or her by your side means to you. After all, you only get one special day and it’s certainly worth investing your finances, time and emotions in that gloriously romantic occasion.

Patriotic cake


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Top wedding options for the nature loving couple

While some couples prefer an ultra-urban, ultra-contemporary ceremony, several would-be brides and grooms decide to bring a deeply natural feel to their wedding day. Perfect for bohemians, wiccans or simply nature lovers, such weddings most certainly rotate around everything’s that fresh, green and natural. In fact, natural settings are quite cheaper than glamorous ones, which is yet another reason for you to adopt this approach.

Bride in natural setting

For example, nature-loving couples can begin by checking out some of the natural locations in their surroundings. Of course, you may always rent an indoor space and decorate it with plenty of plants and flowers, but let’s face it: nothing compares to the real deal! Our good old earth is full of natural wonders that you can very easily use as the perfect backdrop to your special day. The woods or even a smallish forest is a highly romantic place for any type of wedding. To go the extra mile, try to see if you can rent a lush area of green space right next to the waterfall. Indeed, very few moments will be able to compare to you saying your vows with the softly crashing hum of a waterfall in the background.

Getting married next to waterfall

However, if you live in the city, it can be quite hard for you to find a natural green area. In such cases, don’t hesitate to rent a regular hall and decorate it to your liking. If you can afford it, you may even go for some extra-elaborate flower arrangements to place around the reception area.Couples who are going for a church wedding can, with the church’s permission, decorate the aisle with some birch trees and garlands of flowers. A natural-looking arch might definitely boost the overall decor and bring a deeply pronounced natural feel to the grand day. Think twisted vines, red roses or even some dried flowers intricately woven into the arch.

Elaborate natural arrangement for reception

Another wonderful option would be to match your overall attire to the decor. Brides who don’t stand by tradition might even slip into a dark green gown to blend with the natural feel. However, if you would prefer your traditional white dress, you may even glam it up by adding a crown or garland of flowers. Ditch the artificial bouquets in favor of simple, albeit well-arranged bouquets that are brimming with fresh flowers. Not only will they look exquisite against the natural background but the glorious scents will most definitely carry off the natural theme. Be sure to add some natural and exotic twists to the buffet as well: serving beverages out of coconut shells, for example, is bound to impress your guests!

Getting married in forestServing drinks out of coconut shells


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Top gifts for your groomsmen

Groomsmen are by the groom, or even two steps ahead of the groom during those tedious weeks that preceed the wedding. They’re the ones who usually face the tedious task of trudging to the shops with you to help you find the perfect tux and make sure that everything runs smoothly on the big day. Indeed, very few grooms will be able to withstand the stress and pressure of a wedding without some of their best buddies by their side.


This is why it’s crucial to follow the age-old tradition of giving the groomsmen a gift a few days before the wedding. This will help them understand how grateful you are for all their support. The good news is, there are quite a few present options for men out there, and you won’t have to deflate your budget either. Some imagination, a few shopping trips and a basic knowledge about what your groomsmen like and don’t like are more than enough for you to find the perfect gift. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that there’s absolutely no need for you to give the same present to everyone: it’s perfectly fine to give each groomsman a different gift, provided that the value of the present remains the same.

Coffee set gift for groomsmen

The one gift that most groomsmen will absolutely love, however, is a full coffee set, complete with instant coffee or coffee beans, travel mug, creamer or maybe even a thermal bag to keep the mug hot. This is a particularly interesting option if you’re having a destination wedding: there’s nothing your groomsmen will love more than waking up to a steaming mug of fresh coffee before exploring a new place for breakfast. And of course, to bring out their macho side, why not gift them a set of whiskey and cigars that you can all enjoy together.

Cigar and whiskey gift set

It is a fact universally acknowledged that men love to eat. Hence, you can be sure that a food gift basket will always be received with joy and excitement. Think beyond the usual peanuts and chocolates baskets, however. Gourmet shops, for example, provide special gift baskets with pumpkin or banana bread, olives, liqueurs, chocolate-covered pretzels, pickled jalapenos and other such edible treats. Alternatively, a tie gift box is also quite a good idea because they can easily wear it for the wedding. Some sets even come with a tie clipper and engraved or monogrammed cufflinks.

Food gift basketsTie gift box


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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women with short hair always tend to look quite exotic and unique. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most bridal and fashion magazines are simply brimming with various ideas for long hair, and very, very few short hair ideas. However, if you have cropped, bobbed or shoulder-hair length hair, fret not: it is actually extremely easy to find some great wedding hairstyles for short hair. In fact, the short hair trendsetter herself, Lady Diana Spencer, did walk down the aisle sporting a gleaming crown of golden hair that went perfectly with her ultra-feminine, frilly dress and epic train. If Lady Di could do it- so can you!

Short wedidng hair collage

To begin with, never hesitate to search for some inspiration online. Think Halle Berry, Madonna or even Rihanna and Pamela Anderson during their short hair phrases. These celebrities often attend red carpet and gala events, which means that you’ll definitely be able to copy off their glamorous short hairstyles. And of course, don’t forget that accessories are you friends. In fact, it’s never a bad idea to decorate your short hair because the back of your head is what’s going to be visible to your guests.

Short wedding hairstyle from the back

An elaborate diamante headpiece, for example, is one of the most alluring headpieces on shorter hair. In fact, you may either go for white or clear diamantes to match your dress, or, if you’re the sort of traditional girl who wants her “something blue”, you may even ask a jeweler to paste some blue precious or semi-precious stones on your headband. Feathers are other fabulous options to add to your wedding headpiece, especially if you’d like to go for the 20’s look. Brides who don’t go by tradition might even go for a set of colorful feathers to match their bob cut.

Headpiece to enhance short hair

Flowers are the ultimate short hair accessory by excellence. A flower crown or even a single flower strung at the back of your head is more than enough to bring a pretty and refreshing look to your entire outfit. Of course, if you want to be more retro and trendy-edge, never hesitate to add some spikes to your cropped hair, not unlike the famous hairstyle that Halle Berry wore for years. That being said, some brides prefer a more simple approach, and if you’re one of them, there’s no reason why you can’t walk down the aisle with just a quick brushing for some extra gloss. Bear in mind that birdcage veils are among the most wonderful short hair accessories for just about any bride.

Flower in short wedding hairstyleSimple short hairstyle


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Destination weddings: How important is the morning after brunch

Destination weddings are never boring. The fun and excitement of being in a new place, the exotic decorations and the simple fact that you can have both your wedding and honeymoon in the same place is definitely guaranteed to take the romance factor up a notch. However, that being said, destination weddings also involve several friends and relatives who have flown quite a long distance to share your special day with you. This is why one of the main destination wedding traditions is to host a morning-after brunch to show them how grateful you are for their presence.

Destination wedding

Of course, certain couples may feel reluctant to host this brunch. After all, the one thing that most couples seek after their wedding is some alone time together in a quiet, cozy and romantic environment. This leads to quite a lot of couples wondering whether it’s even important to have a morning-after wedding brunch. The answer is- yes. Plain as that. You’ll get all the alone time you want afterwards; in fact, you’re in for a lifetime of alone time now. A morning-after brunch is definitely considered as common courtesy: these people have flown over oceans just to watch you tie the knot and ditching them right after can be quite rude.

Wedding brunch

It is completely understandable, though, that the stress and exhaustion of planning a wedding will catch up with you, hence making the morning-after brunch quite a tedious process. In such cases, bear in mind that this is not a wedding, this is not a wedding reception and you certainly don’t have to invite the whole world. Stick to the closest persons to you and those whom you really want to thank for their help. The couple’s parents, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are more than enough. If you don’t feel like planning another even, you may even talk to a wedding planner or book an entertainment service to take care of everything. All you’ll have to do is show up. Catering services can also provide a wedding brunch buffet to make things easier for you.

Wedding brunch buffetSetting for destination wedding brunch

A morning-after wedding brunch doesn’t have to be long either: an hour or two is plenty. After all, everyone understands that you’ll be in a hurry to escape back to your own quiet time together. Contrary to what several people think, it’s quite easy to plan a quick and easy brunch with just a few things. Some wedding brunch decorations and a nice setting will easily convey how grateful you are to those special people in your life.

Wedding brunch decoration


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Unique ideas for an outdoors wedding

If you’re among the lucky couples who are planning an outdoors wedding, you’re definitely in for a treat. In fact, it has been shown that outdoors weddings are amongst the easiest to plan and decorate, particularly because of the vast space that’s available to the couple. So, here are a few unique ideas that will turn on the charm and welcome factor at your outdoors wedding.

Japanese lanterns

Lanterns and more lanterns
Whether you’re going for Japanese lanterns or traditional outdoors one, the one thing that you should remember is that lanterns have a special glow and charm that will bring an almost magical feel to your wedding day. Of course, it goes without saying that these will look fabulous at night, but, these lanterns will also look stunning during an outdoors sunset wedding, especially if you use them to line the aisle.

Lantern lit path

Luxurious Drapes and Cushions
Tourists who visit Saudi Arabia often gush about the opulent luxury that surrounds them. A closer look at the decor will show quite a few drapes and cushions scattered all over the place, especially in far-away places like the dessert. This is because drapes, cushions, rugs and outdoors furniture stand out so much more easily in a stark environment- which make these accessories even more important for your outdoors wedding.

Drapes across aisle

Don’t hesitate to vamp things up with some silk cushions and gauzy drapes as a unique twist to the traditional outdoors wedding decoration. In fact, if you want to pluck a leaf out of the Middle East, why not arrange some cushions on a soft and mossy surface where your guests can sit down and relax? This works best with informal outdoors wedding.
Drapes across the chairs, lining up the aisle, will also help you bring to the great outdoors the same romantic feel that decorated pews bring.

Cushions and drapes for luxurious effect

Ponds and water works
For a pronounced romantic touch, don’t hesitate to hold your wedding right next to any water scenery. Even a backward pond will work. If you can afford it, though, never hesitate to book an even more stupendous location such as waterfalls, lakes or even the beach. If you’re choosing a public space, however, be sure to book it quite a few weeks in advance. Don’t forget that boat houses are other fabulous options to help you make the most out of the soft splashes of water that will serenade you as you tie the knot.

Outdoors wedding next to pondDecorating the gazebo


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How to have a festive civil wedding

Sometimes, a full-blown wedding is not always a good idea. There’s all this planning to be done, all the cakes to taste, the dresses to select, guest list and more. So, at times, to avoid all these constraints or to save back on money, some couples choose to have a simple civil wedding. This is also quite a good idea for couples who are having a shorter engagement period, because it will allow you to get married whenever and wherever you want. All you need are you wedding licenses, a quick trip to the civil marriage and you’re all set.

Civil wedding collage

Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a festive civil wedding. It might be all about signing a bunch of documents, but you’re certainly allowed to have fun on your wedding day.

Civil wedding

For starters, while several couples decide to embrace their new life together in regular everyday clothes, it’s also a good idea to wear something festive or- at the very least- something new. Think elegant, formal clothes such as cocktail dresses, tuxes or maybe even a calf length white dress. Some brides decide to go all out and don a traditional white dress for the ceremony.

Civil marriage with traditional dress and guests

In fact, if you’re the sort of bride who wants to have her civil wedding in a traditional white dress, why not go all the way and invite guests? In such cases, couples usually try to invite closest members of their families and best friends. You are, after all, going to need marriage witnesses, which means that you can very easily ask some other guests to accompany you to the civil office.

civil wedding 2

Some couples can even ask judges to host a civil ceremony in their own home. This way, you’ll be able to have a cozy get-together after the civil wedding. Small wedding cakes and champagne can also be served after the civil ceremony to make the occasion even more festive.

Civil wedding cake

Alternatively, if you do want a wedding party without going through the entire walking down the aisle thing, you can gather some of your best friends and hit the town on the night of your civil weddings. Pub crawling, posh restaurants or even dance clubs are popular ways for couples to mark the start of their new lives together.


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Wedding dresses to flatter skinny girls

Even if half of the world’s population is trying to become as skinny as possible, naturally slender girls aren’t always as lucky as we seem to believe. Indeed, this is one of the hardest body shapes to dress, especially if the woman lacks curves. This is why skinny brides often have such a hard time finding a perfectly suited wedding dress that will enhance their figure while adding a few curves.


On a more positive note, however, is that with just a few tips and tricks, you can very easily find the sort of wedding dresses that will flatter your slender figure. For example, skinny girls are often small busted, which can cause some dresses to flow in an excessive straight line down your body. If you suffer from this problem, it’s a good idea to go for a strapless wedding dress. This particular cut is extremely flattering on thin figures because it automatically lifts the bust and nips in the waist, hence creating the perfect hourglass silhouette. To avoid the risks of the dress slipping down, it’s recommended to go for a well-fitting strapless bra which will provide a better grip for the dress to hold on to.

Strapless dress to flatter the bust

Two toned wedding dresses are other great options for the slender bride because it will instantly add weight to your figure. While this option is not at all recommended for curvier ladies, these types of dresses are absolutely going to enhance a skinny body shape. Think bold color combinations such as chocolate brown and white, red and white, ivory and gold and other such hues. Of course, short wedding dresses are also fabulous options for skinny brides because they will display your legs in all their glory. Since you have the body shape for it, don’t hesitate to go for sultry wedding dresses as well. A transparent gauze starting from the knee will instantly bring some extra panache to your overall outfit.

Two toned dress for skinny bridesShort dress to show off the legs

Regardless of the type of wedding dress that you’ve decided to go for to enhance your skinny body shape, bear in mind that accessories are other cheap and easy ways to add bulk to your figure. A thick veil, round earrings and an overly long taffeta train are the types of items that will automatically distract from your slenderness. To appear more curvaceous that they really are, skinny brides should also avoid high heels. These will only add length to the figure, hence making you look even more skinny.

Sultry dress to enhance slender figure


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