Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ideas
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Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ideas

Nowadays, couples opt for unconventional weddings to make the day more memorable not only to them, but also to their guests. Outdoor weddings, such as celebrating the day deep in the woods or forest adds a little more enchanting feel to the event. This may seem hard to organize at first, but with lots of help and a definite concept, it will definitely be a magical wedding.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Design
Starting with the invitations, choose brown paper or something ethnic-looking with rough texture to resemble tree barks. It would be better to have them hand-written to give off a more natural vibe. You can also include dried flowers to add a splash of colors. For the wedding program, you can print it out and glue it on fans so that it will help provide comfort to your guests should they start feeling too warm outdoors.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Invitation
For your wedding dress, you can wear something that resembles a goddess of the forest—perhaps something that sparkles under the sun or a dress with floral details or vines embossed in it. Your shoes however, should be picked wisely—you wouldn’t want your heels to sink in the ground while walking down the aisle. If you really, really want to wear high heels, you can use a heel cover or maybe arrange a stone pathway beforehand. Be sure to wear waterproof makeup so you won’t be sweating it all off should the weather turn bad.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Attire
Incorporate the outdoor theme to every little detail in your wedding. For your wedding cake, instead of the usual multi-tiered plain white cake, you can add fresh flowers and even a design of crawling vines on it. And hey, you can also choose a chocolate cake! Trees are brown, right?

Outdoor in the Woods Elegant Reception
For the comfort of your guests, be sure to provide cooling refreshments all throughout the ceremony so they won’t be parched. On the other hand, if it’s going to be breezy, provide your guests with blankets or wraps to help ward off the cold. If you’re using uncomfortable outdoor seats with steel backs, provide pillow seats with colorful cases. Mosquitoes are also a source of distraction and discomfort in outdoor events so make sure you remind your guests to bring mosquito repellents or, if you have the means, provide a small spray for each guest on the day itself.

Outdoor in the Woods Wedding Ceremony
There are many ingenious ways to celebrate and effective and memorably outdoor wedding, just make sure that you consider all of your guests and all the possible mishaps you might encounter that day so as to be able to prevent these things from happening or to be able to prepare an easy fix beforehand.


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