Origin of the bridal bouquet
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Origin of the bridal bouquet

One of the most important accessories that a bride can have, the bridal bouquet is deeply rooted in ancient customs and traditions. Unknown to many, this particular bouquet is so much more than an object which beautifies the bride: indeed, there was a time when the bridal bouquet was used to ward off any negativity and protect the newlyweds from the much dreaded evil eye.

Bridal bouquet collage

Of course, nowadays, the bridal bouquet has become one of the most popular and important accessory that a bride can carry. But, the notion of carrying flowers on your wedding day originated in a far less romantic notion: indeed, during the 15th century in Europe, bathing water was quite scarce which meant that citizens couldn’t wash up frequently. So, in a bid to fight off any unruly body odor, brides used to walk down the aisle with large bunches of sweet-smelling flowers.

Elaborate bridal bouquet

In more superstitious families, however, the wedding flavor was usually carried in a bid to ward off evil spirits. In such cases, they didn’t even carry flowers: brides usually clutched to an all-aromatic bouquet of herbs including rosemary, sage, thyme and even a few bulbs of garlic. Sometimes, the herbs bouquet were adorned with a few springs of freshly cut flowers, which gradually turned into a full-fledged flower bouquet. In wealthy Medieval families, orange blossoms were also added to the bouquet.

Simple bridal bouquet

The tradition of carrying completely flower bouquets stemmed from Ancient Britain during later centuries and at first, it was considered as a symbol of fertility. It wasn’t until much later on, during contemporary times, that the bride started adding symbolic flowers to her bouquet. Roses, for instance, nowadays represent everlasting love. Other such symbolisms include Stephanotis is for good luck, lilac to represent their union and Ivy for fidelity. In ancient times, edible flowers were also added to the bouquet and these were commonly served during the reception.

Old fashioned bridal aromatic bouquet of rosemary

In our modern time, however, brides are gradually ditching fresh flowers for artificial silk or satin ones. Ladies who aren’t on a budget can also consider jeweled bouquets: classy and elegant, these can last for a lifetime, which means that you’ll definitely have a memento of your special day.

Jeweled wedding bouquet

Another modern twist on the bridal bouquet is adding some candy to your flowers. Guaranteed to bring a pronounced touch of fun to your special day, a few lollipops or cake pops nestled among the flowers will definitely add some extra flair to the wedding. More adventurous brides are even going for full-fledged candy bouquets that are later distributed among close friends and families after the ceremony.

Candy bouquet


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