Oriental Themed Weddings
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Oriental Themed Weddings

It is a great idea to make oriental theme as your wedding concept. Asian themed wedding is a remarkable way in combining Asian tradition in your wedding. It doesn’t matter even if you’re an Asian or not. The Oriental themed wedding’s details are quite something to be well-researched.

Oriental Themed Wedding Reception Idea
Make sure to secure your invitation with Asian concept. With such personalized invitation, your guest will recognize that they are attending an Asian themed wedding. It will be perfect to make Oriental flowers as your invitation’s front cover. It is important to research the right color combination to desist misinterpretation of Asian’s aspect about colors.

Oriental Themed Wedding Invitation Card
When choosing the right attire for Oriental themed wedding, it is not necessarily to imitate the traditionally Asian wedding attire. By artlessly adding Oriental adornments like sash, jacket or slipper, Asian theme can be implemented. On the other side, if the couple prefers to wear the tradition Asian attire, there are some things to be considered.  The bride and the groom should wear attire made of silk, knitted with oriental print to emphasize Asian tradition.

Oriental Themed Wedding Attire
Choosing right food for Oriental themed wedding needs several traditional guidelines.  Korean usually serve “noodle- feast.” Noodles for Korean and Chinese represent long life, best wishes, and joviality. In Japanese and Chinese weddings, animal dishes symbolize plenitude of a new accord. Such animal dishes include duck, lobster, and fish. Presenting a whole roast pig from the groom’s to the bride’s family is a durable tradition of Chinese. Also, Chinese usually serves eight dishes excluding dessert. Eight is a lucky number for Chinese. This tradition symbolizes purity.

Oriental Themed Wedding Bamboo and Lotus CakeFlowers plays important role in Oriental themed wedding to make wedding venue and reception more adorable. Flowers that will perfectly suit in Oriental themed wedding include orchids, cherry blossoms, lotus seeds and lilies. It is also a great idea to add bamboo in floral arrangement. Your primary choice of flower and its color can also be use as your wedding cake’s garnish decoration. Usually, cream and white orchids and lilies are the most popular used flowers. Thus, it is also extravagant to use bright color flowers such as pink and purple.

Include Oriental themed decoration in wedding and reception venue. Paper lanterns, pagodas, water basin with inflated lotus flowers, and ornate fans can be perfect.  Use appropriate colors of designs. It is advisable to use the color line in your wedding theme to avoid misusing excessive colors. Red and gold is the tradition color use in Chinese wedding. For Korean wedding, purple is usability.

Oriental Themed Wedding Bamboo Decorations


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