The Modern Minimalist Wedding
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The Modern Minimalist Wedding

Simplicity is beauty as they say. Sometimes, the way to a sophisticated elegance is to tone things down a bit without having to secretly scream out cheap. There’s a fine line between borderline classy simple and effortlessly cheap and a wise lady ought to know where that line lies. Going minimalist on your wedding can cut your budget, but know how to add some fine touch to every single detail. Read on how.

Simple Wedding Gown
The Bridal Look
To achieve a bridal finesse while donning your wedding gown, make sure that your minimalistic dress would be flowy, divinely white and crisp. Integrate subtle accessories like a silver studded belt or sparkly earrings. Also, remind your makeup artist that your aiming for simplicity. Do away with dark hues and stick with bronzes or pinks. However, double check if you’ll look too pale in your artist’s rendition.

Simple Cake
The Cake
The cake do take away everyone’s attention at some point of your reception program and it’s important that your cake look deliciously dainty. You need not adorn your cake with expensive fresh flowers or luscious seasonal fruits. A classically designed fondant cake would do. Add some classy accessories and a single flower and you’re done.

Simple Art Deco
The Flowers
You know very well that fresh flowers don’t come cheap. They are imported from other countries and they demand care for them to be able to exude their fancy aura during the wedding. Yes, they’re bratty. Now that you have a modern minimalist wedding, then you have a fine excuse to pick the tiny kinds or even some artistic garden ferns. A lone flower in a mason jar is already delectably cunning for a minimalist wedding. Just right.

Minimalistic Rings
The Ring
Who says you need some major bling on your ring? A bronze ring with a small circle stud spells a bewitching impression.

wedding invitation

The Invites
Don’t go fancy on the invites. After all, the modern art says the letters can do it all. Typography is a powerful thing nowadays. Keep them hanging and keep them interested by providing the only needed details on your invites. Save some space. Let the letter breathe.
The Table Setting
The reception is better off with hues limited to 2 to 3. For a clean look, you can go with white, grey and some crystal clears. Have only the needed utensils on top of the tables and nothing more.


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