Mason Jar Wedding Recipes
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Mason Jar Wedding Recipes

Mason jars are fastly becoming hot wedding favors. There is an overflowing number of mason jar wedding pictures on Pinterest and they’re so cute that you just can’t decide only one idea on how to use them. These jar types give a homey, artsy feel when used on your wedding. You can fill them with lights, goodies, drinks and even crispies. Here are some of the edible mason jar wedding ideas that you can adopt on your big day.

Lemon Meringue

Cherry Crisps
Cherries are like food for the gods and they ought to be present on your big day to spread the love through its vivid red color and heavenly taste and smell. To add some twist into the cherries, mix butter, sugar, oats and flour to serve as the crisp. Complement the taste with some pie filling too. Print out a cute “Cherry Crisp” sign on a stick and plant it in the middle of your cobbler.

Cherry Crisp

Cakes and Cupcakes
No wedding is complete without a cake. A wedding with cakes or cupcakes in mason jars is more fun and artsy. If you have a cake with multiple layers of different colors each, then putting it inside a mason jar would make it even lovelier. Also, topping the cakes and cupcakes with icing above the rim of the mason jar is a nice touch. You could tie up a spoon on each mason jar for your guests.


If you are a health-conscious couple (if you met at the gym) and you know that some of your guests are, then you could provide a healthy mason jar section. In this area, mason jars filled with layers of fruits and vegies would be present. Use your creativity in arranging the salad by layer – greens, oranges and reds. It would be fantastic. Include some eggs for a white accent.


Who says smores can only be made over campfires? And that they’re just for kids? Give in to your sweet tooth and serve some smores in a jar on your wedding. Crushed Graham on the bottom, followed by a layer or marshmallows and flooded by melted chocolates until near the neck of the jar. Now, spoon in the meringue over the top and make a playful twist towards the top. Brown the surface with a kitchen torch.

Take advantage of the transparent feature of these mason jars. In choosing a recipe, put in mind your own theme so that you can make every wedding favor coherent with the wedding reception design and color scheme.


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