Make A Blue Wedding Theme for Your Big Day
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Make A Blue Wedding Theme for Your Big Day

Want to design a wedding based on your favorite color? Well, if your favorite color is blue, your wedding can certainly turn out to be extremely beautiful!

Blue Wedding Ideas

Why opt for a red carpet when the blue one will really sparkle underneath your feet? Or, why opt for a standard white wedding dress when you can go for a beautiful, blue colored one?

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking for a blue wedding theme, we have a number of different ideas up our sleeve.

First of all, why not do the drapes of your wedding in blue? Obviously, the reception area has to really showcase the blue theme, which is why the lighting could be slightly altered to provide a bluish hue too. Moreover, the floor plays a major part.

Blue Wedding Table Theme

Rather than going for a traditional carpeted surface, we will opt for a full blue colored design that is not only aimed at giving your wedding a beautiful outlook, but the shades of blue that we use will make the whole setup look even better.

Blue Theme Wedding

From the tablecloths, to the flowers to the wedding drapes, we will make sure that everything is just the way you like. Obviously, when it comes to planning a blue themed wedding, blue isn’t the only color that you want.

Mixing and matching can be done quite well. For instance, the traditional white wedding dress could be coupled with blue dresses for the bridesmaids, which would make it look absolutely stunning. Blue flower bouquets wrapped with white ribbons can be used too.

Blue with Other Color Mixed Wedding

We can also design beautiful blue colored invitations for all the guests that you wish to invite to the wedding party. And most importantly, the cake can be done in blue as well! So what are you waiting for? Check out our ideas now!


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