Loved and Loaded Brides: The Story of Pregnancy in a Wedding Gown
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Loved and Loaded Brides: The Story of Pregnancy in a Wedding Gown

No one can ever measure what love can do. It can make the impossible possible because of its unending search for ways that will bring it to the sought after end. This is the reason why weddings take place. This is the reason why no matter what situations would take the marrying couple to, they see it as bliss. Just like all the beautiful brides striding their way to the altar to achieve the utmost proof of love which is getting married, conveying them the feeling of ecstasy; FYI, the pregnant one feels double.

pregnant bride

They experience twice the happiness because the bride is carrying another person which is the proof of life based on the love that she and the groom share. Isn’t it lovely two times?


Self confidence is never an issue here because when you are asked for marriage even if you are pregnant, you will feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.


You can have your wedding gown with shirr detail on the baby bump having the empire cut  or you can wear it loud and proud with the sheath silhouette.


Pregnancy is a blessing more than anything else and having an angel in your tummy when you wear the white dress is heaven.


So be the lovely bride with your little bundle of joy and celebrate passion and verve to the highest point.


Because love is unfathomable, sometimes brides could have a bigger tummy than usual and be a bit lovelier.






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