Love Bird Themed Wedding
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Love Bird Themed Wedding

Wherever your partner is, there you are. You constantly fly over him and he does the same with you. It’s as if you two are like behaving as if you’re imaginarily cased together – in a good way. Your laugh is his early morning churp. If that’s the case, then a love bird-themed wedding is the perfect choice for you two. This would be more perfect if you’re having a suburban location so that the overall feel of the even is quite rustic, homey and most of all, romantic. So, here are little ways on how to nail that love bird theme wedding.

Bird Wedding Invitations
Send Out the Churps
Of course, include that bird flair into the invitations. Have bird silhouettes flock all over the invites. Add a bird cage for that whimsical and feminine aura. A party is only as good as the mood that you set, so better take your chance upon a great wedding by setting the mood with the invites.

Couple Peck
One of the pictures that you should never miss on your wedding is your wedding portrait. Stay away from the usual, boring shots. Integrate your theme into the picture so that decades after, you still get to remember the wonderful details about your wedding. Have your picture taken on with a natural environment as a backdrop. Include some typography too, say, the words, “love birds”.

feather hair
Feather Hair
And since sparrows and hummingbirds are your wedding peg, why don’t you have feather hair accessories to make the bridesmaids look as lovely as the little chirpers. There are lots of feather hairs that you could choose from online. You can have the feathers in every style and color there is. Just make sure that the color and style do match their dresses otherwise, they would look so much lesser than adorable.

Bird Table Number
Birdy Cutouts
Have numbers engraved into a bird cutout and make it into your wedding reception table numbers. You can ask someone to make this out for you. Bird cut outs are usually retro-istic that you can do a lot of things with it. For DIYers, you can cut out bird silhouettes out of pale-colored art papers and make it as a confetti. You could even make paper cranes and scatter them around the reception area or hang them around on the wall.

Love Birds Wedding Details
Other “Internesting” Details
For other interesting details, you could make use of nests – on tables or on wedding paraphernalia. Example, you could have a nest cuddle a soup of bowl, taking the Birds Nest Soup literally. You could have a nest integrated into the ring bearer’s pillow along with two little eggs, inside which are the wedding rings.


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