Long-Distance Themed Wedding Ideas
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Long-Distance Themed Wedding Ideas

This is it. The day when distance shrinks and both of your worlds collide to be as one. Finally, all those timezone calculation, plane ticket bookings and Skype dates would be buried in your love history book. Because now, you’ll take on the world as Mister and Misis and you’ll finally live together – eating breakfast at the same time and observing the same sleeping pattern. You and your long distance partner are finally getting married!
Now, it’s time to show the world how long distance relationships (LDR) could actually work. Make it your wedding theme. Below are some inspiration.

Mail Invites

Long Distance Wedding Invites
Make use of the royal blue and red snail mail envelope when creating your wedding invites. Add some Shakespearean drama into the modern day world romance by emphasizing your communication efforts amidst the electronic means of correspondence. Use a typewriter font to augment authenticity of the invite. It may be simple, but this style would mean so much.

Airplane Photoshoot

Airplane Photoshoot
Planes are common LDR symbols. It signifies the distance there is between the both of you. Remember how the both of you would subscribe to seat sale alerts so you could sneak up from work just for the weekend to see the love of your life? Have your picture taken in front of a private plane to immortalize this barrier that your love for each other has conquered. Or better yet, hire a private jet for some grand entrance.

LDR Wedding Signages

“Now Boarding” Signs
Extend the plane saga all throughout the wedding. On the reception, have boarding signs available for your guests. You can play with airport terms when announcing table numbers. Just for fun, you could even ask the waitress and waitresses to dress as flight attendants to set the mood. It’ll be a fun flight!

LDR Guestbook

World Maps and Luggage
For your guest book, you could have your guests write on paper notes pinned into a world map. You could have stamps as accessories waiting on the sides. For the world map’s support, you could pile up some extra large luggage and suitcases. The party’s theme success depends on the details.

LDR Table Setting

Menu Passport
It’s time for eating, but you could still incorporate your LDR wedding theme in it. Place passport menus or paper planes on the tables. Passport menus are passport-like papers with the menu printed on them. If you’d like it, you can even add some Reception Program Passport.Celebrate for your love has surmounted the distance.


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