Let your special day be infused by Nature
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Let your special day be infused by Nature

If green is your favorite color, or if you’re simply a fan of nature, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for a green themed wedding. In fact, this particular theme is actually perfect for the environment-conscious bride and groom and it will certainly bring a deep sense of nature on your special day.
Here are a few simple adjustments that you can make to very easily bring a green theme to your wedding.

Green bridesmaid dresses

The Bridesmaids
A particularly summery look would be to dress all the bridesmaids in identical shades of pale lime green. Still, if you want to avoid the whole uniform-like look, you can get each girl to wear a particular shade of green, hence creating an ombre-like effect. Or, if you want to be radically different, you can even dress them up in short jet black dresses with contrasting lime green shoes.
Never neglect the importance of accessories: An emerald bracelet, sequined green clutch purses and green teardrop earrings will certainly bring a soothing, natural feel to the day in general.

Green Wedding Gown

The Bride
It’s no secret that most of the attention is focused on the bride. She’s the one who will ultimately set off the overall mood and theme of the wedding. By this token, adventurous ladies can even go for a deep emerald or pale apple green wedding frock that’s bound to mesmerize guests with its originality. Traditionalists, on the other hand, may go for an all-white frock with a deep forest green Scottish-style sash across it. Another original idea would be to opt for a white beaded bodice that flows gently into a pale green hem. Alternatively, you may even allow a hint of green gauzy petticoat to peek from underneath the hem.

Bridal green french manicure

Of course, if you have the skin tone for it, then by all means don’t hesitate before bringing a hint of green to your makeup palette as well. Pale green eye shadow and eyeliner go particularly well with brown, black, hazel and green eyes. A green-tipped French manicure will also enhance the overall theme of the day. Brides who are particularly fond of this color can even select a green-stoned wedding band, but, in this case, try to break it up by adding a blend of blue sapphires and emerald to your ring.

Green Bridesmaid shoes

Reception and decoration
A green wedding cake can look quite boring and out of place if you don’t properly embellish it. If you’re trying to stick to a nature theme, you can ask your baker to craft a cake in the shape of doves or any bird of your liking. Similarly, a wonderful twist to your wedding decoration would be to turn the aisle into an enchanted forest: artificial green birch trees and bushes will bring quite a magical, almost mystical aura to the wedding.

Green decoration

As far as the reception goes, don’t hesitate to go for green napkins, artificial green flowers or even a wonderful deep green chocolate wedding cake. The contrast between the dark chocolate and green icing will definitely win over the toughest of critics!


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