The Italian Style Wedding
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The Italian Style Wedding

Family. Happy. Artistic. Lively. These are words commonly associated with Italian Weddings. Pick out a venue that will remind everyone of the rustic old-world charm of Italy. Whether it’s a quaint church – right and proper for the wedding ceremony, or in a gorgeous vineyard or an Italian restaurant, create a truly Italian atmosphere by playing traditional Italian music in the air. Don’t forget to play the Tarantella to get everyone a-dancing.

The Italian Style Wedding Introductory Photo
If you want to go farther with the Italian theme, create a wedding design that pays respect and homage to the uniquely rich Italian culture. It’s putting premium importance on the gathering of family and friends – lots of exquisite light and deeply religious and full of customs. Hold your wedding on a Sunday to bring in good luck. Give out almonds to guests as wedding favors. But count them well and make sure it’s not an even number – they’re considered bad luck. So almonds in odd numbers is the way to go.

The Italian Style Wedding Car Tin Cans

Decorate the front bumper of the couple’s car with tinny clanging tin cans – take note, front and not back. Don’t forget the doves – white doves represent love and happiness in an Italian wedding.

The Italian Style Wedding Flower Girls with Grape Baskets
Pick out a rich color palette – soft yellows, dusty greens. Colors that match the lemon orchards and olive groves in the farm. Or go for purple and green to match the vineyard. Most Italian weddings are organic and earthy – find inspiration in the beauty of the environment and the uniqueness of their traditions. Infuse lots of green and purple hues in your wedding decorations – from flower baskets to decorations. Let the flower girls hold out baskets of grapes. Spruce up the altar with grapevines. For your wedding tables, splash the same color palette on your napkins and tablecloths and all kinds of what-nots. Deck out the place with Italian artwork.

The Italian Style Wedding Vintage Cassata Cake
Remember, Italy is all about pasta and pizza. So make sure there’s plenty of food that serves up to over 14 courses. Serve antipasto first like olives, calamari, mushrooms and of course prosciutto. Offer several main courses – from pasta to soup to salad and meat. And a plethora of all things sweets – small cakes, fruits, pizzelles, torrone, cannolis. Serve cassata cake for your wedding cake. Decorate it the rustic fancy way or go all out by decorating it with the colors of the Italian flag. Do not forget to serve espresso and coffee. And of course, serve good red and white wine.

The Italian Style Wedding Pasta


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