The Indian Wedding Theme
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The Indian Wedding Theme

If you’re planning to have an Indian-themed wedding, get ready for some bubbly and effervescent colors, lots of wonderful gorgeous and dazzling clothes – both for the groom and bride and the whole wedding party, and oodles of foot tapping and energized and bouncy dancing.

The Indian Wedding Theme Decoration
An Indian-themed wedding entails a great deal of planning – think of all the uniqueness and exotic elements that comprise an Indian wedding. It certainly requires elaborate adornments and plenty of food on the table. Not to mention the detailed and intricate facets which go along with the traditional ceremonies and rituals and merriments.

The Indian Wedding Theme Outdoor Decoration

First thing you need to consider is the venue. For Indian weddings, a village wedding is a good option. Look for a bucolic environment. Adorn the place with earthen pots, carts, and pretty lanterns. Or go for a beach wedding – it is definitely dreamy, romantic and unique. Capture the beauty of the sunset or sunrise in the horizon as you exchange I-do’s. One unique thing you can do in a village or beach wedding is you can serve food on banana leaves – village style.

The Indian Wedding Theme Ladies Shoes
If you love an Indian-themed wedding but couldn’t go for an all-out Indian wedding, you can choose to create a fusion of the modern and Indian wedding. Simply infuse the Indian theme in your wedding elements like in the save the date cards, wedding invitation, thank you cards, wedding favors and guest books. Choose lively colors – red and purple and deep vivid cerise pink.

The Indian Wedding Theme Bride and Bridesmaid Dress
Create a wedding gown – inspired by the Indian traditional sari. Let your wedding party wear sari-inspired dresses – with different gorgeous colors. Buy some funky Indian shoes and let the groomsmen wear them. Rent an elephant (if possible) from a nearby zoo. But you don’t really have to make that bold move to get the party going, instead, why don’t you learn to dance – Bollywood style? Find someone to choreograph the dance and perform during the wedding reception. Let the whole wedding party join you, tag along your parents. Let the guests join the wedding shindig too.

The Indian Wedding Theme Table Toppers
Of course, don’t forget food. Serve a gastronomical feast. Traditional Indian weddings are characterized with a lot of eating – a three-day celebration to be exact. You don’t have to have a three-day feast but serve an abundance of food that reflect the culture of sharing among Indian families. Let food appear in every corner – with all things fragrant.


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