Ideas about Weddings in a Bar
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Ideas about Weddings in a Bar

More and more couples today choose to have their wedding receptions in a bar, where guests can have unlimited drinks during the whole event. While it’s definitely the most gracious method, it is also the costliest; it can actually cost as much as 10% to 30% of your total financial budget for the whole wedding. And this cost can be really painful. A good alternative to this is what we call limited or soft bar, where a waiter will approach you and offer you drinks at the bar on specific times, usually during the meals.

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Thankfully, many people are aware how expensive it is to have weddings in a bar and come ready to purchase their drinks. However, you may still want to provide drinks for the toast and maybe wine to go with any food that will be served to them.

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What you can do is to shop around. Discuss with the management of the venue what their rule is about this. There are venues who will force you to use their supply, but there are some who might be ready for you to take charge of the drinks. By this, they might charge you more money for opening the wine and serving it. It’s what we know as the corkage fee; nevertheless it might still be much cheaper to choose this as your option.

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To the extent that bar drinks go, if you want to make your guest to enjoy more, you can provide them the bar’s signature drink to start the party, or maybe the first couple of drinks for free, and then tell them that they have to pay the following drinks that they will have. Or, you can consider putting time limit on your open bar, and after that certain of period of time, they’ll be in charge of every drink they will have. Provide food on margarita glasses and sweets on the bar’s corner. This will distract them from getting drunk instead.

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To avoid confusion, you need to make sure to inform your guest about the drinking policy. Maybe you can state it on the wedding invitations. Or the DJ or the host of the event may inform everyone about this before the event starts. It is very important to let them know about the plan prior the event. You have to know that any kind of policy you might choose for your event, right communication and good preparation will guarantee a hassle-free, happy, and fun time for this once in a lifetime event in your life.

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