Ideas About Wedding Food Bars
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Ideas About Wedding Food Bars

Food bars at weddings are transforming the wedding-scape these days. They’re slowly gaining popularity because food bars are fun and festive and easy. Guests have more fun picking out the food they really fancy. Food bars also give the guests a chance to mingle with the other guests.
It’s actually simple to set up a food bar during weddings. Think about what your guests love the most. Ice cream? Sushi? Popcorn? French fries?
Choose something that has special meaning to you and your partner. Did you have your first date in a coffee shop? Pick out a coffee bar. Did you feel the spark while you were sharing a pancake? Go for a pancake bar. You can come up with three or four, or even more food bars for your wedding reception.
Food bars are surefire instant hits. Here are some popular, easy and really good food bar ideas.

Ideas About Wedding Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar
A cup of coffee is a great pick-upper. Your guests will love this especially in nippy nights. Provide fancy sugar cubes and cute stirring sticks. Or serve your coffee in pretty colorful cups.
Pasta Bar
Make everyone happy by allowing your guests to choose the pasta sauce and topping of their choice. And of course, the pasta they prefer.
Taco Bar
Everybody loves a good taco. But not everyone has the same choice of shell or filling. Serve mini tacos in hard shells, soft shells, whole wheat shells or vegetarian fillings.

Ideas About Wedding Salad Bar
Salad Bar
From greens to olives and pesto sauce to Caesar dressing — Salad bars are sure winners for the health buffs. The different colors of the vegetables are definitely a pretty sight to behold.

Ideas About Wedding Fruits Bar
Fruit Bar
Fruit bars are the sweet counterparts of salad bars. Fancifully and colorfully cut up fruits are delectably refreshing. Let your guests happily pick away.

Ideas About Wedding S'mores Bar
S’mores Bar
S’mores bars are definitely a super fun and awesome idea. What fun it is to make your own s’mores – nothing beats melting your mallows.

Waffle Bar
Sweet waffles are tasty snacks and fun alternatives to a dessert table. Pick out a variety of fruits and nuts, chocolate chips, syrups and toppings and even frozen yogurt too!

Ideas About Wedding Burger Bar
Burger Bar
Whether your guests want beef or veggie or chicken or turkey, a burger bar will solve that. Arrange toppings and condiments and type of bread together with these burgers. This is perfect for weddings with a laidback vibe.


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